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As State COVID-19 Rules Change, These RV Park Resources Show Who’s Open (and Who’s Not)

As State COVID-19 Rules Change, These RV Park Resources Show You Who’s Open (and Who’s Not)

As American begins its reopening (region by region, state by state), finding an RV park open for business can be challenging.

Today we’re sharing four key resources to assist you in finding an operational RV park ready to host. Unfortunately, none of these resources are complete.

Due to the nature of the closures, RV parks may be following city, county or state guidelines. This multi-level approach means to obtain accurate data each RV park has to be contacted directly.

We recommend using all four of the resources to verify the RV park’s status.

Despite restrictions being lifted in the near future, this will be a cruel summer for RV parks.

Campground Reviews

Campground Reviews has the most robust collection of RV park reviews online. In collecting COVID-19 RV park data, they’re using their loyal user base to their advantage.

In a recent statement the website manager says,

“Campground Reviews has built a multi-prong approach to collecting actionable data. We are leveraging feedback from various sources including our members, direct communication with thousands of RV Parks, location data services and more.

Our vision (which may or may not be correct) is that “opening up” will not be as simple as one day everything returns to normal across the entire United States & Canada. Therefore we have built our system so that we can regularly update our data for a long as needed to handle geographical issues as they arise.”

You can find more info here: Campground Reviews COVID-19 Update

Rootless Living

Taking a different approach, Rootless Living has created a state by state database of RV parks that are open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While this list is great for the current full time RVers, it probably won’t be updated as regularly once America begins to reopen.

Rootless Living adds this about their mission:

“After reading our State Park Closures resource, we have heard from many RVers who are asking, what about us? We don’t have a home base so where should we go?

We’ve created this resource for full-time RV travelers to find a place to stay for a few weeks during this uncertain time. This list is crowd sourced and compiled from our facebook post and groups.”

Visit Rootless Living’s RV Park Resource here.


Campendium, our favorite resource for free camping RV sites, is taking a wholistic approach. Not only are they updating the status of RV parks and state parks, they’re also including dispersed camping areas.

This is an important addition for RVers who enjoy camping off-grid.

The data-base is being continuously updated.

Campendium says, “You can find open campgrounds by using the search box on Campendium to locate a desired area. Then select the filter to “exclude temporarily closed locations.” This will produce a list and map of campgrounds that are currently known to be open.”

Here’s the link to view the status of RV parks, public lands and overnight camping.

Campground Views

Not to be mistaken with Campground Reviews, Campground Views has one distinct advantage. It’s founder has relationships with over 1,000 RV park owners.

This gives the Campground Views resource real-time data and a more nuanced perspective of RV parks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is one of the smaller data-bases. However, because the relationship with RV parks, it has valuable information.

Visit Campground Views RV Park database.

Free Camping is Always an Option, However Some Spots Remain Closed

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  1. rickandjenn says:

    You can also add RVillage to your list of resources. They have a great list state by state of CG’s that are still up and running. Of course you would still have to call to find out if they are under any state or local restrictions on their stay limits as in 30 day stays or shorter.

  2. Peter Scarnati says:

    I have found myself going back and forth on the question of whether campgrounds will be busy this summer or not. On the one hand, given the current situation, many folks may have already cancelled some travel plans and will be staying home. On the other, however, I wonder that since there really isn’t much to do, or businesses to go to, maybe folks will hit the campgrounds heavily in their local area as a means of doing something (especially if they have kids) this summer.
    My wife and I fulltime, and as I write this, we have been holed up in Iowa (yeah, it’s a long story) for the past 6 weeks first at a state park and currently at a private park. We are looking to move on sometime in May and our plan has been South Dakota, one of the few states which has never shut down their state parks. However, in beginning to plan, I am finding that Custer State Park, while there are some sites available in May (not a real busy time for them), many sites are already booked.
    We’ll have to see how this all plays out on the RVing front this summer….. and hope for the best!