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As RV Parks Reopen, Should You Expect Higher Prices This Camping Season?

As RV Parks Reopen, Should You Expect Higher Prices This Camping Season?

As states begin to reopen local economies, many RV parks are taking new reservations. But, should you expect to pay more money for your RV park reservation this summer?

Today we’re looking at a few factors that could potentially increase your RV park bill for summer vacation.

Keep in mind, these factors aren’t guaranteed to hike prices. We’ll even share a few strategies that can cut your bill in half.

Let’s dive in!

Social Distancing May Limit RV Park Sites

We all know, RV parks pack in as many sites as possible. This can make it hard to keep your social distance.

In fact, there may only be six feet between RVs.

We can expect that high-occupancy RV parks will limit the amount of sites that are made available. This could mean a 50% decrease in reservations (and a 50% decrease in revenue).

Many RV campers we’ve talked to already think RV parks charge a premium nightly rate. It would be hard for RV parks to charge double. Additionally, it would be hard for campers to pay double.

Needless to say, rates will likely increase to help parks make up for lost revenue.

The “new normal” at RV parks will be discovered this summer.

Increased Cost of Cleaning Supplies & Cleaning Staff

Health considerations are top concern for RV park owners and RV campers during this upcoming camping season.

Undoubtably, public areas will be cleaned with more diligence this summer. Bathrooms, pools, pavilions and public BBQs will require cleaning attention multiple times a day.

This will lead to high expenses with supplies and staff. More than ever before, will minimum-wage employees feel comfortable cleaning high risk areas everyday?

Will RV Park Workampers Be Available This Summer?

Workamping is a popular way to save (and sometimes earn) money for full time RVers. Most often, a workamper will exchange their labor for a free RV park site.

During the winter months, workampers are often employed by Amazon for their seasonal rush.

This year Amazon has already hired an additional 175,000 employees. It wouldn’t be surprising if many of those were seasonal workampers that had preexisting experience with the company.

Additionally, many potential workampers may have found another job during these “shelter in place” times.

The lack of “free” or cheap labor could have a big affect on the expenses RV parks incur this camping season.

The other side of the coin

Despite all the factors that could lead to increased RV park rates, it could also have an opposite affect.

RV parks may be hungrier for your business than ever before. Competition leads to better pricing for campers.

Even though there’s a shortage of RV parks in America, this year the shortage of RV campers may outweigh the lack of campgrounds.

How To ALWAYS Save Money Camping?

Over the 5 years we’ve been full time RV travelers, we’ve learned a few solid ways to save money on camping costs.

We use each and everyone of these strategies (especially during peak season).

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a unique camping membership that gives you access to its database of 1000s of free camping spots. These spots aren’t out in the boonies, rather their at prime locations.

Here’s where Harvest Hosts offers free camping:

  • Vineyards
  • Breweries
  • Museums
  • Farms
  • Golf Corses

Passport America

Passport America offers the largest “50% off” RV Park collection in America. We’ve saved hundreds of dollars with this membership over 5 years.

To maximize saving potential, you have to have a flexible schedule. However, it’s hard not to get your moneys worth.

20 Best Free Camping Sites in America


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Here’s our list of the 20 Best Free Campsites in the USA.

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  1. Frank says:

    Points to consider. Looks like increase in site cost is inevidable. Actually from published reports those camper, RV’s, pop-ups, 40footers, etc, are flying off the shelves & selling like hot cakes. As we all know, they don’t really keep these rigs on shelves & one will nevexplanatory selling at any pancake house resturaunts either. So anyways, folks should expect to pay more for camping and to acquire a new or used RV this year due to an unpresidented demand compared to prior years/seasons. I spoke to one RV host just this morning who is disappointed with some customers’ lack of appreciation for benefits received as they stop over to his business location. Folks need to be educated & the industry does well to highlite how various aspects of the camping/traveling universe works. One person recently used the word reciprocity with respect to this subject, which when one gives serious thought to it, is self explanitory. It’s often a major investment, purchasing an RV, and with so many newbies to the landscape, getting to know the ups & downs, the blessings & pitfalls, will lessen the disappointment and heartache for them as they come on board., tho there should be no h2o under them.

  2. Bob says:

    Since I boondock I guess it won’t make a difference to me. Paying the high prices for camping in private campgrounds may be ok for someone taking a short vacation. Not possible for retired people living on the road!