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RV Parks or RV Campers: Who’s Responsible for Health Precautions This Summer?

RV Parks or RV Campers: Who’s Responsible for Health Precautions This Summer?

The reopening of America is inevitable and summer camping season isn’t cancelled after all.

This doesn’t mean travel will be risk free. RVers and RV park owners, alike, are aware of the health issues associated with opening for business.

But, who exactly should shoulder the responsibility?

Businesses across the USA have revamped their sanitation efforts. Likewise, citizens have taken serious cleanliness precautions during the shutdown.

Today we’re exploring these sensitive issues. With the help of over 500 RV enthusiasts, we’ve collected survey results that gauge travel sentiment and the expectations RVers have of park owners.

Let’s dive in!

Are RVers Going Camping This Summer?

RVers are going camping this summer (in large numbers). Of the 500 campers we surveyed, 96% said they will go camping this summer.

That’s a huge number.

A combination of factors have created the perfect scenario for RV camping.

  1. People are restless and want to connect with nature.
  2. Most folks don’t want to fly this summer.
  3. Many people also want to avoid hotels.
  4. Compared to other types of summer vacations, RV trips are less expensive.
  5. Gas prices are dirt cheap.

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Where Do RV Vacationers Feel Safe Camping?

Feeling safe, in regards to health, is very important this camping season. RVers have 3 basic choices when deciding where to camp.

  1. RV Park
  2. Public Campground (National, State or County Park)
  3. Boondocking (off grid camping with no amenities usually on public land)

The RV campers who responded to our survey spread evenly across these options.

  • 26% feel safest as an RV Park
  • 39% feel safest at a public campground
  • 33% feel safest boondocking
  • 2% don’t feel safe camping this summer

To make a little more sense of those numbers, 65% of RV campers want to stay at a facility with onsite management (daily cleaning, property rules & 24 hour contacts).

Should RV Parks & Campgrounds Update Their Health Standards This Summer?

Campgrounds and RV parks will most likely update their health standards. Whether this is state mandated or self imposed, the “new norm” encourages a fresh look at old policies.

In fact, 69% of the RVers we surveyed think RV parks should implement new standards and codes of conduct for the summer camping season.

Here are the common ideas our RV surveyors have:

Space Out RV Sites

Quite often RV parks and campgrounds are designed to pack in as many RVs as possible. For the properties with close neighbors, it’s suggested that only every other site is available to reserve.

Cleaning Diligence

Public areas should have a higher rate of cleaning. High traffic areas (pools, bathrooms, pavilions) should be cleaned multiple times a day.

Have disinfectant wipes available in public areas.

Enforce The Rules

If your RV Park or campground has social distancing or other health related rules, it’s important to enforce them.

According to some RV parks, this young lady is breaking multiple rules.

Who’s Responsible for The Health and Safety of RV Campers?

RVers are a common-sense bunch. They’re well aware that personal safety is their own responsibilty.

Needless to say, in these unique times it takes teamwork to create a truly safe environment.

The RVers we surveyed largely stated that they will take responsibility for themselves, but also want campgrounds to be responsible for their property.

Additionally, 94% of RVers said they will practice social-distancing this season.

There’s no simple solution. However, it just takes a little common sense and courtesy to make it work!

RVer Sentiment Is Strong About Prices

Virtually everyone have been affected financially from the health crisis. RVers don’t want to pay a premium to make up for an RV parks lost income.

In fact, they want to support these small businesses, but have the prices remain fair.


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  1. Johnny Boyd says:

    I hope you guys and that little one are A-OK during this crazy COVID time.

    Great article. If we want the RV Parks to only make every other site available then we will have to be prepared to pay a premium since 50% of their available sites would be unavailable which translates in to lost revenue. Does that mean we should expect to pay 2x for a spot? I sure hope not but a little more would be expected. After all, we need the RV Parks and Campgrounds to stay in business and stay open. Once this COVID thing gets behind us or at least to some sort of being manageable what ever that means.

    I agree with the boondocking and the occasional RV Park visit for a few days may be the best solution this season.

    You guys stay safe!

  2. phillip hackwith says:

    Paying double might be ok if I could use the second space for parking none occupied equipment like, boat & trailer, tow car, tow dolly,

  3. Kim says:

    Whatever happened to personal responsibility? RV parks should all be open, full capacity, you’re already six feet plus from your neighbor. Wash your hands. Seriously.. I’m a nurse and this panic is unnecessary. Sweden is faring well.

  4. Bob says:

    Like Kim I believe in personal responsibility, but it seems too many people now days always want someone else to blame for any stupid thing they have done. I love boondocking because it keeps me further away from others lol! So, no, it is not the responsibility of the parks to keep you safe. It’s yours. Even at home I won’t let anyone visit with me. If their are groups of friends who don’t believe in it and all agree to get together, fine. But stay away from me! And don’t expect sympathy if you get sick! In fact I’m going to carry a small pepper spray in case some belligerent idiot insist on getting too close.