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I’m Planning a Summer RV Trip, Will I Be Shamed?

I’m Planning a Summer RV Trip, Will I Be Shamed?

I have a problem. This summer my family would love to take an RV vacation, but fear we’ll be shamed.

I’m not talking about an RV trip to Yellowstone, Yosemite or Zion. I’m thinking more along the lines of a rustic waterfront RV park between Tennessee and Michigan.

Somewhere my family can enjoy a little nature and a lot of downtime.

Here’s a the issue.

RV Parks or RV Campers: It’s the responsibility of everyone to ensure safety.

Supporting Small Campgrounds vs Supporting Health Efforts

As a full time RVer for the past five years, I’ve grown fond of all the mom & pop campgrounds across America. Sure, my family loves boondocking (also known as free camping). To be honest, a 50/50 split between the two is ideal.

With all that said, we want to support the RV campground industry.

We also want to be responsible humans and not spread a potentially lethal virus.

I think both are possible simultaneously, but I’m not sure it will be perceived that way.

On Facebook, my number one fear-of-shame inducer, commenters constantly shame anyone not staying inside their house.

Will this seep over to summer travel even as travel restrictions are lifted?

Staying Healthy Is a Real Concern

My family’s health is top priority. However, in our stationary situation, we’re still close to many extended family members in our day to day life.

I think once we begin traveling we’ll come into close contact with less people on a daily basis.

We have our masks, hand sanitizer and latex gloves (for pumping gas) in the truck and have made it a habit of using them.

Are our extra safety measures enough to keep us healthy?

Traveling Anonymously for Summer RV Trips

At Drivin’ & Vibin’ (between our YouTube channel, social media & website) we reach over 10,000,000 people every year. That’s a number I can’t even grasp.

However, it scares the crap out of when it comes to being judged (or even shamed).

We’d normally share our travels, host meet ups and love seeing the Vibe Tribe on the road. This year, though, I almost feel like traveling should be on the down low.

Obviously, we wouldn’t host meet ups or gatherings, but simply sharing our travels online seems distasteful.

What Are RV Campers Saying?

We asked our online community (on Facebook & Instagram) is they think summer RV travel is shameful.

The results were resounding.

Of the 500+ RV enthusiasts we surveyed, only 9% said RV camping this summer is shameful.

Many shared the sentiment that it is good for local economies. Others agreed that life must go on. A handful said it was too soon to tell.

Let us know what you think in the comment section.

The Best Way Social Distance is Free Camping

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  1. Judy Sterling says:

    I plan to travel this summer too. As long as you’re following each state’s guidelines, there’s no shame. Have fun and stay safe!

  2. Kathy says:

    I lived in a mask, gloves and safety goggles for my job (OR nurse) I can sure do it for my VANLIFE! For however long it takes.
    XOXO, KatsFolly 🚐💨

  3. Larry says:

    I say just check your destination to see how many cases of Covid-19 are reported. Try to pick an area with the least cases of the virus. Take every precaution when traveling and camping. I always carry masks, gloves and hand sanitizer if I have to be out.

  4. RoaminwiththeRomes says:

    We plan to travel this summer too. It is pretty easy to follow guidelines and use common sense, stay safe and keep others safe. We know you will follow standards and keep everyone as healthy as possible

  5. Catherine Mathyssen says:

    We are in Canada and our restrictions here are still pretty severe, but we hope to travel a bit this summer as well. Of course, we will practice social distancing, wear masks and gloves when appropriate, wash our hands frequently, etc. I think that we need to follow the local rules, but we also want to support local camping establishments. It’s definitely a bit of a conundrum right now.
    Please continue to share your travels as you feel appropriate. We will miss them if you decide not to. As for shaming, I truly wish that people would show a little more grace to each other. We are not all going to agree with each other’s decisions, but I have to believe that everyone is trying to do the best they can for their families.

  6. Marc Goldstone says:

    Get a supply of Hydroxychloroquine and a Z-pack for each adult in your camper just incase… Take them at the first sign of the CCP Virus.

  7. Mrs Thompson says:

    Being aware and conscientious are key ~ and it sounds like you’re already there🙂

  8. Richard Easter says:

    It will be boondocking on forest service land as often as we can here in Washington. Just don’t tell the Governor.

  9. Robert Cross says:

    Unless the government declares martial law , I plan to exercise my constitutional right to the pursuit of life , liberty , and the pursuit of happiness . And camping just tickles my twinkie , dont ya know ? ? ?

  10. Traveling my funds are low says:

    You will be fine. People are tired of being home.

  11. Laura says:

    Please do not tell people to get hydroxychloroquine. It is a prescription medication that can have horrible side effects. No one should be taking it without a doctors council. It has not been proven to work on covid 19. It also creates a shortage for those of us who do need to take it for other medical reasons. I have an autoimmune disease and am already at high risk.

  12. Sheryl says:

    We are From Texas We sold everything and started out 1 week before all this started (before we were told). Already had Battle Born Batteries and solar panels ordered and guy set up in AZ to do the job. We have never slowed down except for a few destinations that were closed have still taken magnificent road trips in our Jeep. Just use common sense like always!

  13. Cheryl Bacon says:

    I would check if you will be able to get supplies along the way and obviously an opening at a destination. Not sure how you are getting Purell, Lysol products and gloves since they do not seem to exist anywhere. I would not worry about the rv world shaming you, but there are still areas they are not welcoming non-locals. I totally understand wanting to go somewhere, but even with things opening I’m not assured they are going to do anything to try and keep their clientele healthy. I have seen so many with a lot of lip service, but no action. Things started opening up yesterday in TX and the newly opened places were ghost towns.

  14. Robert Darter says:

    I am planning a trip up to woodland park Colorado from San Antonio TX .. I think we have a new normal be safe as your were at home or local RV park… we all need to live our life… safety is always a concern when traveling if not from crazy people, traffic accident, snakes, bugs and the new Corvus 19 the point being just be safe.

  15. Dave says:

    If your worried about what other people think 🤔.
    You should stay home! As for me where am I going next.

  16. Gary Trenkelbach says:

    For me I have not retired as of yet but when I do I plan on traveling to where -ever I want if any of my family or friends even try to shame me it will be a long time before we talk again I get this from work and am used to it and not afraid to tell someone as well.

  17. Terri says:

    Luv it Robert !!!

  18. Terri says:

    I plan to camp as much as possible this summer, mostly boondocking in Co., and Utah National forests. I hope people remember to live, instead of constantly thinking of dying. Be smart, have fun, make some memories !

  19. John van says:

    I left New York State (upstate) the day the lockdown went into effect. We headed to Alabama and are staying at a campground here for two months. It was the best thing we could have done for both our physical and mental well being. When we leave here we plan on staying on the road for several months.

  20. Sandi Meyer says:

    Uh, not a good suggestion. These meds have not been scientifically proven for use against Covid -19. In fact, there have been incidences of death associated with using Hydroxychloroquine. Besides from practicing guidelines, building up your immune system is the best thing to do at this time.

  21. Bud says:

    I say as far as we know, we only go around once in life and it is a short time at that, go for it, have fun and be aware of your surroundings. Stay safe and go like the wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Pam Lay says:

    Have no shame to your game. You need to still live your life to it’s fullest. As long as you are prepared to follow each states guidelines you should be fine. I heard campgrounds may only be issuing 50% of their sites, so be prepared for a nothing available situation. As far as hand sanitizer we are using 90 % grain alcohol & aloe gel. If you have those on hand that’s covered. stocking up on gloves may be ok, but as things loosen I think you’ll start finding those more readily available. If nothing else plastic ones at Gordon’s foods work, or rubbermaid housekeeping gloves. So follow the Boy Scout motto “be prepared”. Other than than just enjoy & be happy & safe out there

  23. Kathy Niemeyer says:

    Here in Oklahoma the state parks are packed! The Corp. of Engineers campgrounds are to open by mid-May (we have been told). We plan on getting out to some of the corp. campgrounds because the campsites are further apart. We will probably stay in state though. If we get sick we want to be close to home.

  24. Jayna Marrinan says:

    As a full-timer, we plan to move from our current winter TX location, to our home state for about 2 months to see our doctors for the annual stuff. Then in late June to mid July, we’ll head to our daughter’s place out west until Christmas, then likely to the southwest or back to TX. Since we boondock a lot and are self-contained, it is unlikely we’ll have any more outside contact than we do right now. Do what you wish. If there aren’t travel restrictions, you can. If you choose not to post about your travels, you can. We enjoy your posts no matter what you’re doing.

  25. Marianne B says:

    I left Maine on March 16, exhausted from the prep for a planned 2-3 month trip on my own, but with some secure state park reservations to get me going. Was starting in FL to fulfil an obligation to visit a relative. I “crashed” on the way there physically and emotionally as reservations were cancelled left and right, all through the end of April, and I was making my way finding night by night places to stay…That said…I wish I was out there now! It’s so very easy to “isolate” in your own pod, exploring, waving at fellow explorers! I think I’d feel secure out there, though there was a part of me that really wanted to be next to the community I know here. Would feel safe and happier out there now though! Ride on, everybody! xo!

  26. Tim Goode says:

    Sure…some will try to shame you. The Pharisees shamed the Son of God, too. (Not that I would place any of us in that category.) All the hoopla about not traveling because an accident could cause someone to be exposed (yourself included), is purely fear-mongering hypocrisy. Be safe. Be faithful to the sanitation guidelines. Go safely explore. We are waiting for our favorite camping access to open, so we do the same.

  27. Jim Goins says:

    I’m pretty sure that Nora’s your priority right now, pandemic or not. I’ve seen and heard enough from you all to trust that you’ll be safe. Go and have as much fun as you’re able and just focus on Nora’s well being. You could probably stay self contained and protected better than most us. Best wishes and good luck.

  28. John says:

    Live and be happy! The next one might be worse. And by all means keep us work campers employed.

  29. james stein says:

    I’m planning to be out for a few months or more. As long as your constant aware and using best practices. I’m older so more risk for me but life won’t wait the clock keeps ticking. See u in camp.

  30. John Van says:

    The KOA I’m at in Alabama is 100% occupied. Lot’s of people having fun.

  31. Ron,Sharon Goodnight says:

    We plan on starting our adventure this summer. We are going to Phoenix to see grand children an stay for awhile. We are not sitting at home an worry. Life is for the living. We take safety serious. I pray for a God to watch over all of us in this trouble time. We will be victorious. Get out there an live your life. Hope to see all of you out there. Ron an Sharon

  32. Lori says:

    I don’t have a problem with people traveling as long as they are respectful & follow the rules. This year was a down year for us, staying close to home. We are expecting grandbaby #2 this summer, & a few doctor appointments got pushed into the summer due to the coronavirus. I am all for being outside getting fresh air. The virus has a tough time in the sunlight.

  33. Dj says:

    I read some of the shaming and actual name calling on FB. Sad. I agree with most above comments. You’re smart and doing all necessary protocols to stay safe, go camp! We cancelled this month at an open resort because I was so nervous about the shamers. I regret that now! I think it’s as easy to socially distance there as it is in a sticks and brick.

  34. Mark says:

    I plan on doing some camping and will just use the necessary precautions. I am simply not going to sit at home worrying and counting my rolls of toilet paper and face masks. I have to go out to the grocery store and run other essential errands. There is simply no way to totally avoid contact with other human beings. Camping is certainly safer than going to a restaurant, movie theater, or flying on a airplane. Being isolated for extended periods of time can and will result in other serious mental and physical problems.

  35. Amy Ellwood says:

    Go for it! No shame coming from this camper! My husband and I were in Texas when this all started and wanted to stay. However, they closed the state park and we had to come home. I felt safer there than I do in my own area. Self contained and able to enjoy the great outdoors! We will be going forth soon!

  36. Angelique says:

    Go travel!!! Don’t worry about what other people think or say. Just be smart and safe. This too shall pass. xo

  37. Deborah Kerr says:

    Hello there 🙂 We will definitely be traveling this summer-and I encourage all of our travel vloggers to do so and SHARE SHARE SHARE!! You all help us get through this – it’s not like you are out there protesting in front of the Statehouse and ignoring physical distance (uhm I live in Ohio)! All of the vloggers that I follow are extremely smart, common-sense people – maybe all of your followers are waiting for y’all to lead the way for us!! What does it look like out there in America the beautiful right now anyhow?!??!! Thank you for asking btw!!

  38. Schockt says:

    My husband and I were at a KOA in Montana last weekend and it was completely full. Even though the sites are pretty close, we never got within 10 feet of anyone else and felt very safe. We will be doing a lot of camping this summer with 90% of it keeping to our home state of Montana (50/50 between boondocking and staying at KOA’s or mom & pop campgrounds). As others have mentioned, do be aware of restrictions in the states you will be travelling to but by all means, GO! Have fun, and take care!!

  39. Bill & Jeri RV Travels says:

    We are in our early 70’s and in good health and the way I see it our time left to get to travel and see the sites in our Montana are getting shorter all the time. We are currently camping at a couple of state parks in Georgia (we’re from NE Florida) and all the campsites are spaced well apart and fellow campers maintain distance from other campers. We have a trip planned in July-August for Colorado and points north and will be going. Shamers? Ha. Who cares? If people are that scared let them stay behind their locked doors and hide at home, then our traveling will not affect them. I don’t call hiding in your home living, so what’s the point? At least some of us are willing to help get the economy going again, hopefully before this country enters a full blown depression.

  40. danofdot says:

    The challenge is in successfully managing the risk:

    A. how to lower the probability of becoming infected (symptomatically or asymptomatically) or (knowingly/unknowingly) infecting someone else; and,

    B. if you or someone traveling with you becomes infected, how to help them while
    (1) not becoming infected yourself and/or
    (2) not overburdening limited health resources that may be available in a rural community; and

    C. Complying with local quarantine and isolation standards