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As RV Sales Spike, Book Your Summer Campground Reservations Soon

As RV Sales Spike, Book Your Summer Campground Reservations Soon

The numbers don’t lie. RV sales and RV rentals are booming right now even though sales flatlined in April.

Yesterday RVShare, a popular rental company, boasted a 650% increase in bookings since April.

I was skeptical about the numbers. In typical millennial fashion, I tweeted RVShare to see how bookings compared to January 2020.

Martijn Scheijbeler, the VP of Marketing, tweeted back, “compared to January, it’s up at a minimum of 2.5x.”

RV Dealers See Spike in RV Sales

Multiple articles published this week have reported RV sales are up. Even though the typical busy season, March & April, slowed to a halt, dealers have been making up ground in May.

RV Business released an article yesterday that states, “Less expensive, smaller products are by far the best sellers for the dealership, although Veurink sees the mid-price point units starting to pick up a little.”

We see this as a clear travel trend. Families are ditching airplanes and hotels for RVs and campground.

Where To Rent an RV? 

Not quite sure about buying an RV? Try renting one first. There are many online rental options across the USA.

  • RVShare
  • RVnGO
  • Outdoorsy

These three are a great place to start pricing RV rentals and looking at your options.

Why Booking an RV Campground Early is Essential?

We’re planning a summer RV vacation and have already been turned down by sold-out RV parks.

Some states are going back and forth about re-opening.

Closed campgrounds means RVers are flocking to states that allow camping. Before the health crisis there was already a shortage of RV parks in America.

That shortage will be highlighted this summer.

Can’t Find A Campsite? Try Free-Camping!

To be honest with you, we hate paying for camping. There are so many free campsites in America (with complete privacy). You should give it a try! A matter of fact, these free campsites are yours.

Every time you pay federal taxes, you’re contributing to these lands.

Here’s our list of the 20 Best Free Campsites in the USA.

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