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“Masks Are NOT Allowed” at this Wisconsin RV Park Campground

“Masks Are NOT Allowed” at this Wisconsin RV Park Campground

Annie’s Campground near Gresham, Wisconsin, is taking a contrarian stance. 

In a Facebook post dated Friday, May 15, an RV park representative wrote, “Masks are NOT allowed in the buildings for safety sake. They are viewed as a robbery in progress and will be handled that way.”

Since the post was published, Annie’s Campground has received an enormous response. It’s been shared over 600 times, received 2,000 comments, and has 671 frowns (just under 50% of emoji engagement).

The comments are as polarizing as you can imagine.

The RV Park is Receiving National Publicity

The campground policy, casually written in the middle of a Facebook post, has brought Annie’s Campground national attention.

Newsweek published an article about it. Additionally, many regional news stations included the story in their weekend editions.

RV Park owner Ann Retzlaff, quoted from the Newsweek article, says, “Customers are so supportive. People who have driven hours to come here have hugged me and thanked me for staying open.”

Will RV campers be shamed for taking vacations this summer?

One More Reason Why We Love Free Camping

Masks or no masks, this story exemplifies the drama of RV parks 😂 Free camping gives us a taste of freedom, immerses us in nature, and it’s easy on the wallet.

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  1. Roadtirement says:

    I hope that the owner was not hugged by an asymptomatic carrier. Think I’ll stay clear of Wisconsin.

  2. edc1951 says:

    I can now add this to the list of campgrounds we’ll never visit. If she doesn’t care enough about my health and safety with C-19 I’ll not trust that she’s taken care to assure it in other areas of the campground either.

  3. sarahstyf says:

    Wow…just…wow. Another reason why we prefer state parks, I guess?

  4. Cheryl Bacon says:

    Well, They got what they wanted, a lot of free publicity. As for their views and policies, they are welcome to them I refuse to be anyone’s instrument to support their political ideologies no matter what color they represent. Extremists are always a dangerous partner.

  5. Bob says:

    Obviously for stupid trump supporters so will avoid, as I will avoid WI bars for the same reason. Filled with stupid people who want to believe this virus is fake. Fortunately I disperse camp anyway!