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These Six Full-Time RVers Created RV Masterclass to Help Newbies Avoid Common Mistakes

These Six Full-Time RVers Created RV Masterclass to Help Newbies Avoid Common Mistakes

On May 24, 2020, RV Masterclass launched. Full-time RV travelers built this online education platform specifically for RV newbies.

RV Masterclass is currently featuring its Memorial Day Sale, offering up to $200 off its Signature Courses (the courses will be available on June 15 for early birds).

Tom & Cait Morton (Mortons on the Move), Jason & Rae Miller (Getaway Couple), and Kyle & Olivia Brady (Drivin’ & Vibin’) founded RV Masterclass after successfully launching RV Buyers Bootcamp in Tampa, Florida earlier this year.

Brady says, “Working with a team of RVers to create the RV Masterclass courses gives each lesson a unique, real-world point of view. The Millers bought a brand new, luxury fifth-wheel. Tom & Cait Morton drove a truck-camper to the Arctic ocean. We renovated a vintage Airstream. These combined experiences, and many others, shape each course to provide wisdom that resonates.”

RV Masterclass Signature Courses

RV Masterclass currently offers three signature courses. They offer each class individually and offer a bundle package.

  1. RV Buyers Bootcamp: This comprehensive course teaches you about RV-types, floor plan advantages, and negotiation strategies. From buying new to restoring a vintage RV, six instructors share their personal experiences and lessons learned.
  2. Boondocking 101: We’ll teach you the fundamentals of free camping. Then we’ll dive deep into step-by-step training on how to find the best boondocking sites and the safety strategies we use.
  3. Preparing to Full Time RV: This is the ultimate guide to becoming a full-time RV traveler. All five instructors have personally made the transition to full-time RV life and teach these lessons with real-world solutions. Providing timelines and budgeting outlines, this course puts your RV dream into action.

The Signature Bundle includes all of the courses listed above.

Meet the RV Masterclass Instructors

Rae Miller, of the Getaway Couple, introduces you to the team:

“Hi there! We are Kyle and Olivia from Drivin’ & Vibin’, Jason and Rae from Getaway Couple, Tom and Caitlin from Mortons on the Move.

We’ve teamed up to bring you the best possible course related to transitioning to full-time RV living!

Between the three of us, we have over 12 years of RVing experience in 5 different types of RVs. We believe nothing gives you the ability to teach more than first-hand experience, a personal drive for knowledge, and the love of sharing lessons learned.”

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