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An Open Letter to the RV Industry: Take This Opportunity to Build Trust

An Open Letter to the RV Industry: Take This Opportunity to Build Trust

An Open Letter to the RV Industry: Take This Opportunity to Build Trust

Dear RV Industry,

Summer RV season has arrived, and we’re glad to see your industry has proven to be pandemic-proof. We’ve read the headlines. From the Wall Street Journal to the local main street courier, Americans are taking a chance on RV travel this summer.

As a seasoned, full-time RVer, this makes me worry.

Americans see outdoor recreation as the safest way to travel. And, with this, I agree! 

RVs, especially entry-level travel trailers, are booming in sales.

It worries me because these newly purchased RVs (by families longing to connect with each other and with nature) will most likely have the same warranty issues as their predecessors. 

I get it. It’s good for the bottom line to pump out these units quickly and efficiently. Using cost-effective materials keeps the consumer price down.

But, at some point, earning consumer confidence must be a factor. Generations of RV owners have lost trust in the quality of RVs and have become disenchanted with the warranty process.

RV manufacturers, are you content with losing the trust of the next generation of RV owners who choose this lifestyle in response to the current pandemic?

In these uncertain times, as people see RVing as a safe vacation option, will you be content to let them down with hastily manufactured units?

Here’s hoping that you understand the gravity of this newfound RV demand and raise the bar of gaining consumer trust after an RV is purchased.

Concerned RV Vacation Advocate,

Drivin’ & Vibin’

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Friday 2nd of October 2020

[…] means: yes – you are seeing more RVs on the road […]

Bob Parish

Thursday 28th of May 2020

You guys got a lot of response from this article!! Just be careful, the RV Industry has successfully shut down advocates for the RV consumer. When they took down the biggest one, they booked Disney World and went to celebrate. They have to many politicians in their back pocket. The best thing for the consumer is to get it Inspected by a Certified RV Inspector before purchase new or used and I will put my emphasis on NEW. I'm a Certified RV Technician and a Certified RV Inspector and I run a Mobile RV Service business so I have seen a lot.

Jim Massey

Tuesday 26th of May 2020

Most of the "affordable" ultra light trailers we looked at this weekend seem like junk! Thin walls, flimsy storage doors, and shoddy finish work. I realize it's not going to be perfect but I expect the trailer to work as intended and not end up in the shop all the time.

Vince Alber

Monday 25th of May 2020

We own a 2016 a Fleetwood Storm, after esperianing some rough road in Kentucky potholes being the worst problem on interstate highway. Now we have a wall seperating from.dash and floor. Also seeing vertical movement of this wall. A unit with 25,000 miles on it shouldn't have issues like.this. We have no idea how this is going to impact our current 6 month US tour??? This unit was $135,000 new, now may be near junk?

Judy Sterling

Monday 25th of May 2020

You're so right about quality. Many people may abandon RV living a year or two from now when they're wiser but underwater on their loan, and have experienced repair nightmares that can force them off the road for months.

Beyond the severe quality issues, RV manufacturers are losing the next wave of younger buyers and digital nomads because they don't know what those buyers want. Hint: it's more than extra USB ports.

By not innovating and building quality RVs, they've created the demand for custom and DIY campers which cannibalizes their sales.

I looked at ready-built class B's, C's and towables for months before getting a custom build. I got MUCH higher quality and technology for WAY less money, and it was worth the 6 month wait.

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