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These 20+ New RVs Already Have Recalls

These 20+ New RVs Already Have Recalls

RV recalls are more common than some may think. With the NHTSA (National Highway Travel Safety Association) announcing over 20 recalls on new RVs, recent-purchasers may be in for a rude awakening.

Many of the recalls listed below are minor issues. But, all of them require immediate attention.

Welcome to RV life!

Here are some of the RVs affected.

Keystone RV Trailer Recalls

The 2020 Springdale trailers by Keystone recall nine different models. The recall issue a result of non-compliance with mislabeled tire load range and tire size.

Side Note: I recently toured a Keystone factory and tested their new lithium powered Montana. The factory & the Montana were awesome.

Forest River Recalls Two Class A Motorhomes

The 2019-2020 Forest River Coachmen Mirada and Pursuit Class A have been recalled. The issue is a potential leak in their gas-powered generator fuel line.

Thor Recalls 12 RVs

An expansive recall from Thor involves the following 2020 models.

  • Daybreak
  • Four Winds
  • Delano
  • Gemini
  • Quantum
  • Tiburon
  • Chateau Citation
  • Compass
  • Chateau
  • Siesta
  • Freedom Elite
  • Synergy

The recall involves miscommunication about how the automatic parking function operates. These are units built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with an automatic transmission.

These Class B Style RVs are very popular, but we have 5 reasons to avoid Class B RVs in general.

Thor Recalls Four More RVs (with a potential wiring issue)

Thor also recalled their Chateau, Quantum, Four Winds, Vegas, and Axis RV. The years vary depending on the model, but affect the 2020-2021 ranges.

A rear wire harness may come into repeated contact with the frame. This can lead to issues with the ABS & fuel pump.

Where to Check on RV Recalls?

RV recalls are unfortunately common. If you want to check if your RV has existing recalls visit the NHTSA website.

All you have to do is enter you 17 character VIN.

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  1. Ever since we began full timing Thor has had an awful reputation. It seems that they don’t really care about quality control. “Take the money and run.”

  2. Cheryl Bacon says:

    Over and over again, the same manufacturers names seem to stay or the recall lists. If people stop buying these brands, the companies might change their quality.