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Portable Air Conditioners for Camping: Decent, Better, and Best

Portable Air Conditioners for Camping: Decent, Better, and Best

We find camping discussions shifting to the topic of air conditioning in the heat of Summer. Perhaps the bedroom AC unit in your 5th Wheel isn’t cooling in the Summer heat, or maybe you’re a tent camper that needs an AC. Portable air conditioners for camping is a big topic this year, and we have the decent, the better, and the best choices.  

Every year, we see tips and tricks to cool down any RV or tent. From refectix foil in the windows to creating shade screens, the ideas are varied. But, have you ever considered using a portable air conditioner? 

It’s an idea that’s gaining in popularity as the industry creates more efficient (and competitively priced) units for camping.  

Here are our choices for the decent, better, and best portable air conditioners.

The Decent: Mikkin Portable Air Conditioner Fan

Think of the Mikkin as a personal AC fan to cool your own space for cheap. We’re talkin’ under fifty bucks!

The unit is light-weight and easy to carry from one section of your RV to another. 

For example, use it on your desk during the day and move it to your bedroom at night. It uses a built-in rechargeable battery that makes this also an excellent choice for tent camping. This misting cooling fan has three speeds.  

The Better: IcyBreeze Cooler Air Conditioner

As a Summer tent camper, you will want to look at any product with the name “Icy Breeze,” which includes this portable Cooler Air Conditioner. 

Yes, this is a combination of a food/beverage cooler and a portable AC. It will no doubt make your Summer tent camping easier—or a breeze.

The IcyBreeze uses a 12v power supply and includes a 12v automotive power supply as shipped. The unit uses no chemicals to cool, so it is food and beverage safe. On wheels, it is easy to tote to your campsite. Once set up, the unit blows cold air, up to 35 degrees below the ambient temperature. The IcyBreeze uses radiator technology, so no need to worry about mist and condensation inside your tent or RV.  

If your Summer travels take you to some of the United States’ hottest regions, you may want to consider investing in our best in portable AC units. Using a mobile AC unit may make the difference between a warm, humid experience and a pleasant trip. 

After a lot of research, here is our best choice for portable air conditioning units today.

The Best: Emerson Quiet Kool Portable Air conditioner

Why is this our “Best” choice? The Emerson will keep your entire family relaxing and chilling all Summer. It cools up to 150sq feet and costs an average of $360. 

It has an award-winning bucket-less design as the auto evaporation system leaves no bucket to dump. The Emerson Quiet Kool will augment the AC in your RV or provide cooling air to RVs or tents without an AC system. It has flexible functionality that includes a remote and sleep mode. And it is quiet too.  

If you are an avid camper, you know that you always have to have a plan. When it comes to Summer heat, It is wise to have a cooling method. We think that portable air conditioners are the perfect plan for Summer camping.  

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