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This $78,475 Modular RV Will Make You Avoid the Other Junk

This $78,475 Modular RV Will Make You Avoid the Other Junk

Van life and RV life are becoming more and more popular every year. One of the best things about the traveling life is that it can suit so many different people, personalities, and lifestyles.

This modular van conversion company takes customization to the next level.

There is no one-size-fits-all RV or van suited to everyone’s preferences, but companies like ModVans are changing the game with customizable and modular RVs that can suit just about anyone.

Let’s dive in.

Who Is Modvans? 

ModVans – short for modular vans – is a new recreational vehicle manufacturer based in Ventura, California. ModVans was started by a group of friends who had been camping in a class C RV but quickly realized it was too big for weekend trips and too difficult to drive in snow or on dirt roads. 

After realizing there weren’t many modern camper van solutions, they decided to make their own. 

The first ModVan prototype was so popular that they decided to start a business and make these modern camper vans accessible to everyone.

ModVans are high-quality, high-design RVs created for modern lifestyles and modern budgets. 

The ModVan is built on a 148″ Ford Transit chassis and assembled by an employee-owned, environmentally aware corporation.

The current model of ModVan offered is called the CV1. The CV1 will fit into almost any campsite or parking spot you can think of, making it a very versatile adventure van. 

We met the founder, and toured many ModVans, at the 2019 California RV Show. It was awesome to see the modular van conversion in person.

What Modvans Offers?

ModVans offers the CV1 floorplan – a customizable modular camper van that can suit any need or lifestyle. 

The ModVans CV1 is a full-size low roof, Ford Transit Van. Its low roof makes this van more comfortable to drive and more fuel-efficient, while the pop-up top makes it a versatile and roomy RV.

The modular features make it possible to use the CV1 as an RV, a family passenger vehicle, or a work truck capable of carrying 4×8 sheets of plywood and thousands of pounds of tools. 

The CV1 is a fully-functioning RV with a kitchen, power system, toilet, and indoor seating in camping mode. This van is a 4-season camper that can sleep 4 adults comfortably. 

Features of the RV include a pop-up top, a 2,000 watt pure sine inverter, an extra large 2-burner propane stove, a high-efficiency refrigerator, a cassette toilet, a rooftop AC, an electric heater, available 300 watt solar charging system and so much more… all in a Ford Transit van!

The CV1 has 2nd row passenger seats, yet it can still have 2 beds – one in the pop-up top and one downstairs. 

Additional customization options for the ModVans CV1 include 4×4 4-wheel drive conversion, a cell signal booster, an outdoor shower, a 300 watt solar system, 3rd row seating or sofa bed, an awning, a swivel seat, a removable dinette, a composting toilet, a bike rack, and more! 

How a Modular Van Conversion Can Benefit Van Life

A modular van conversion is an excellent choice for van life, because it can be whatever you need it to be. ModVans offers so many customizations suited to any lifestyle. Van life is a versatile lifestyle in and of itself, and having the right rig and equipment makes life on the road so much better. 

Whether you’re a weekender or a full-timer, a modular design allows you to change things up on the fly. With a modular van conversion, you keep all the van’s functionality, while having a totally custom living space. 

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