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National Park Report: Human Deaths, Vandalism & Wildlife Incidents Abound This Summer

National Park Report: Human Deaths, Vandalism & Wildlife Incidents Abound This Summer

Americans are visiting public parks this summer at higher rates than ever before. National & State parks have reported up to a 10% increase in traffic.

The problem is…many of these tourists don’t understand the consequence of exploring nature. It’s not the same as amusement parks.

Dangerous trails, an abundance of wildlife, disrespecting visitors, and too many selfies lead to a problematic summer for National Parks.

The Latest National Park Problems at Yosemite

Yosemite National Park officials are urging campers and tourists to slow down. Over the past few weeks, four bears have been struck by vehicles. 

This news exemplifies the overcrowding issues at America’s National Parks this summer. 

Yosemite officials plead for help in this Twitter post, “Help protect our bears by not speeding in the park! In the last three weeks, at least four bears were hit by cars in Yosemite, at least two of which were killed.”

Human Deaths, Vandalism & Wildlife Incidents Abound This Summer

Over the last 14 days, a surreal amount of issues have been reported at National and State Parks. We urge all tourists to slow down, understand that NPs aren’t amusement parks, and pick up after your damn self!

The Yosemite bear problem is only the most recent problem in a long list of summer tourist challenges faced by public land managers.

Last week tourists at Yellowstone had a close encounter with a Bison. Only by “playing dead” was the tourist left unharmed.

Zion National Park is currently in search of vandals who painted a substantial blue square on protected lands.

A Grand Canyon National Park tourist fell to her death while taking pictures near Mather Point.

A young man at Shenandoah National Park fell to his death while hiking with a friend. The friend was injured, trying to reach him.

A 70-year-old man hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park shot himself on accident while carrying a gun. Fortunately, no other hikers were harmed.

Glacier National Park offers a $10,000 reward for information about last week’s suspected arson.

Officials at Olympic National Park say humans could have caused last week’s wildfire. They are also looking for information regarding the potential arson.

A 43-year-old hiker in Glacier Nation Parks was found unresponsive on Siyeh Pass Trail.

To make matter worse, Mother Nature has also added her two cents. County officials in Arizona, near Petrified Forest National Park, reported a confirmed case of the human plague.

Please Take a Minute to Know Your Limits and Think Twice Before Engaging with Wildlife

We love that Americans are taking National Park vacations. These parks are gems of the USA.

We ask you to slow down and be patient.

Your health and safety are of utmost concern! Take an extra minute to access the situation and use your best judgment.

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  1. Deborah Kerr says:

    Good post and at a very appropriate time!! Great tips in the video, that was pretty scary!! We’re going to YSNP this September, thank you for posting!!

  2. Bob says:

    I got a kick out of your statement that people should use their best judgement. If these people had good judgement there wouldn’t have been problems in the first place. It’s not new. I was a ranger in Yosemite in 1990 & 1991so I know firsthand how stupid, wreckless, and inconsiderate of others and the environment people can be. Unfortunately I still that almost everywhere I go in my class b. The one exception, thankfully, seems to be the areas right by Sedona. I’m not talking about fr525 7 miles out. They still trash that. I mean all the trails right around town. Nice to walk and not see trash or graffiti.

  3. George Eisele says:

    I remember seeing stupid people getting way too close to bears in Yellowstone nearly 60 years ago, when bears were near the main roads much more often. I saw a woman get her car door closed a half second before a bear put his claws on her window. A friend of mine said when he worked there 15 years ago a two year old was trampled to death by a bison when his parents walked away from him to take a photo of him with the animal in the background. When I volunteered at White Sands National Monument, used TP littered the men’s room floor. It never stops. Quite a few humans deserve to be extinct.

  4. Ingrid says:

    It’s a real sad state of affairs out their. Aside from all the usual stupidity, there are so many newbie RVers out there this summer doing stupid things that I fear we’ll see some new rules and restrictions implemented over time. Recently in the cute little picturesque town of Grand Marais, MN, they’ve been overrun with campers/tourists leaving trash everywhere. One homeowner even witnessed a small TT discharge their holding tanks in the street gutter. 😥

  5. wscarter1951 says:

    I just returned from a two week camping trip and I was appalled by the hordes of new campers and thoughtless people trashing campgrounds and trails . Destroying boondocking sites. Disheartening!!!

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