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Sorry, Not Sorry: Campgrounds Increase Fees for Non-Residents

Sorry, Not Sorry: Campgrounds Increase Fees for Non-Residents

If you’re planning an out-of-state camping trip to Oregon, you’re wallet might get 30% lighter!

The Oregon State Park Service has boosted fees for RV campsites to out of state visitors. The previous RV campsite rate was $33. Once the fee hike takes affect (August 10th), the new out-of-state campsite rate will will be $42.

Tent camping sites have also seen a 30% uptick making the rate $23.

It’s important to note, this fee isn’t applied to preexisting reservations.

According to the Oregon State Park website, the fee hike is only temporary.

“We love serving all people, no matter where they live,” says Lisa Sumption, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department director. “Even so, this temporary change is needed to remind people to stay as close to home as possible while enjoying the outdoors, and to provide much-needed support for the Oregon state park system, which faces a projected $22 million shortfall between now and June 2021.”

How Much Are Oregon RV Resorts Compared to State Park RV Sites?

For out-of-state RVers, you may have better options at an RV park or resort. Here are a few examples:

  • Seal Rock Cove: $45-$54 starting RV Site Rates
  • Sea Perch RV Resort: Directly on the waterfront, starting at $90
  • Cascade Meadows RV Resort: rates around $40

Remember, as well, Oregon has many beautiful free campsites across the state.

Free camping, aka boondocking, means you won’t have amenities. However, you will have great views!

Here are the 7 Best Free Camping Spots in Oregon.

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