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Dirty RV? Wants To Pay For Your Pics

Dirty RV? Wants To Pay For Your Pics has launched a new marketing strategy – trade hotel rooms for pictures of dirty RVs.

The hotel booking company launched this program on August 11th. Heres how it works:

You submit a photo of an RV you own (or rented) and can earn up to $5000 in hotel credit if your picture is selected.

They’re leaning heavy into RV buyers remorse.

Here’s what the contest webpage at says, “Are you one of the 25 million Americans who snagged an RV this summer, but now you’re experiencing a little buyer’s remorse? You’re not alone! wants to come to your RV Rescue. We’re trading your #VanLife fails for #HotelLife wins.”

As long-time RVers, who know that RVing is a lifestyle and not a fad, the competition seems slightly offensive.

But, if you have a dirty RV, why not enter?!

Here’s where to find out more info.

These are the rules:

  • Entries close at 5 p.m. CST on August 18th.
  • Photos and/or video that show off your hunk of junk RV (remember the crappier the RV, the more it’s worth!)
  • Video entries must be no longer than 20 seconds, and you can submit up to 5 files with the maximum file size of 10 MB
  • Your first and last name and state of residence
  • Photocopy of driver’s license or state i.d. will be required if selected.
  • Proof of ownership or rental agreement of submitted RV

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