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These 10 RV Camping Photos Are Older Than Boomers

The boomer generation makes up the largest percentage of RV travelers today. It makes sense. They’ve worked hard and now they’re playing hard.

But what did RV camping look like when the boomers were just babies? Or, even before the boomers were born?

Today we’re taking a stroll down memory lane as we look upon RV camping of the past.

These 10 photos will surly spark nostalgia!

#1 Is this the first RV ever?

Before RV manufacturers swarmed upon Elkhart, Indiana, many Americans make their own RVs. Is this the first-ever RV, or maybe the first “van conversion“?

#2 Camping & Chill

Long before cellular internet and Netflix, campers simply chilled. Here’s a 1960s photos of two ladies kickin’ it at an RV campground.

#3 RVers Have Always Loved Their Toys

Some things never change. Here’s a group of pop-up campers in the California desert. They’re about to hit the trails on their motorized bikes!

#4 RVs Stuck in the Snow

Truck campers were more popular back in the day (before Class A RVs became all the rage). Here’s a Ford & Chevy. Guess which one gets stuck in the snow?

#5 Sorry Chevy Lovers, This Truck Camper Couldn’t Hang

The Chevy needed a little help from the Ford to get unstuck.

#6 Badlands National Park Looks The Same

Here’s the beauty of National Parks; the government does an amazing job preserving them. In this photo yo can see campers driving the scenic loop. It looks the exact same as it does today!

#7 RV Shows Are Basically Unchanged

Other things that don’t change…RV shows. The fact is, Americans enjoy touring RVs. Here’s what RV shows looked like when Boomers were just wee lads.

#8 Never Feed The Bears

This camp host is setting a bad example. Never feed, play, or get too close to bears at the campsite!

#9 Tin Cans for Days

Along with truck campers, tin can trailers were also very popular. They were light and easy to tow. Here are two looking pretty stylish.

#10 One More Truck Camper for Good Measure

Let us know if your parents traveled in any of these RVs!

Did These Photos Spark Nostalgia?

Did these pics look like your childhood? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments section!

Also, a special thanks to HWY Vintage for sharing some of these images!

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  1. I remember going to Alaska with my parents in a truck camper 1969 after graduating from high school. Thanks for the memories.

    1. i also remember going to Alaska in 1959 with my parents with A 56 GMC and A Travel Queen slide in camper. I didn’t want to go then I didn’t want to go home. It has changed lot since then.

  2. Loved lying on the over cab bunk in my dad’s trunk camper and looking out the front window as we went down the road.

    Also used the camper to haul my bands gear to our local gigs ( 1970 ) .

  3. That’s where my brother and I rode, for miles and miles! Great memories of camping with my family in the 60s.

  4. Sorry the picture pulling the chevy truck out the vehicle doing the pulling looks awfully close to a Jeep, not a Ford truck…

  5. In the 60’s and 70’s my parents had travel trailers. A lot of people had rv’s and/or boats where I grew up. We lived surrounded by water and were also lucky having 3 state parks within a bicycle ride or a short car drive away. We also had the mountains a few hours away. It was funny when it came to my friends, I had my home/school friends and my camping friends. When my dad was transferred, soon after my high school graduation, they sold everything and we lived in the travel trailer full time. They were going to buy a motorhome after we moved, but life has a way of throwing curveballs.

  6. Both my aunt and uncle worked building travel trailers and pop ups in the 60’s and 70’s. They lived in Elkhart. I have great memories of camping with them in June of 71 in their 1967 pop up. We did the “grand tour” of the Painted Desert, Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Disneyland, and Knotts Berry farm. No air conditioner in the pop up and no air conditioner in the car. No bathroom or fancy kitchen. Really just a place to sleep and it was wonderful. I repeated this trip with my husband in 2006 but we stayed in hotels, (not as fun).

  7. My folks bought their first RV at the County fair in LA in 1961. It was a Terry trailer that looked like a cab over camper. Dad pulled it with a 59 Chevy Impala.
    Us boomers that know what that car looked like can guess what happened the first time Dad turned to tight towing it. Being the oldest I got to sleep in the front over hang. My folks slept in the rear fold out couch. My sister slot in the hammock that folded out over the rear couch. My little brother slept on the table that made into a bed just like RVs do today. It had a hand pump for sink water. Propane stove and heater and no bathroom. First trip was to Death Valley in the winter of 61.

  8. Our first camper was a Happy Times truck camper like the last picture. Great times back in the mid 70’s. 4 rv’s later still at it in a class A.

  9. There are photos (actually prints) of the “first motorhomes”. They where modified Fords, model Ts or As, that had Canvas added to them to create the Camper area. Then rolled up onto the Roof for highway use! Remember, years ago, the back doors could open to the rear, to give more space!

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