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13 Vintage Gas Station Signs for Your RV (or Man Cave)

13 Vintage Gas Station Signs for Your RV (or Man Cave)

Let’s take it back to the classics today with some retro American motoring history. 

If you’re looking for the perfect vintage gas station signs for your man cave, garage, or shop, look no further! 

These 13 retro signs are just the thing you need to start or complete your man cave decor.

Let’s dive in.

Brief History of Gas Station Signs

Gas stations are a part of American motoring culture. In the early and mid 1900s, road travel was booming. As a result, the surge in demand for gas and oil created a lot of competition in the industry. 

Gas station signs started popping up all over the country. These signs were a direct form of advertising, featuring bright colors and witty slogans. They not only promoted products and brands but also acted as signposts letting drivers know a gas station was up ahead. 

Why Vintage Gas Station Signs Are Perfect for Your RV or Mancave?

What’s a more classic symbol of Americana and American motor history than vintage gas station signs? Not only are these signs classic and highly collectible, they look cool hung anywhere! 

You don’t need to be an interior designer to make an awesome space, just hang some signs! Wall decor is a must – and you might as well hang vintage collectible pieces from days gone by.

Fill Up With Sinclair

The popular Sinclair mascot, Dino, hatched in 1930. Dino was part of an advertising campaign to promote fossil fuels. These fossil fuels were believed to have been developed from… you guessed it: dinosaurs. 

Dino is one of the most recognizable vintage mascots – a must-have for your man cave!

See the price here on HWY Vintage.

Coyote Duster

This Plymouth Coyote Duster sign is straight out of the 1960’s! This nostalgic image first appeared on the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner’s air cleaner lid. Plymouth’s Road Runner was sleek – and fast. The Coyote Duster option included a bigger motor, so you could leave everyone else in the dust! 

This unique marketing campaign lives on in this vintage Coyote Duster sign.

See the price here on HWY Vintage.

Esso “Happy Flight”

This rare Esso Happy Flight sign is the perfect addition to any man cave, garage, or shop! Cool historical fact about Esso: In 1928, Charles Lindbergh stopped in Quebec City to refuel with Esso Aviation Fuel. Esso is a part of ExxonMobil.

Own a piece of aviation history with this Esso Aviation Instrument Oil sign.

See the price here on HWY Vintage.

Star Motor Oil

Pennsylvania has a long history of producing large quantities of the nation’s oil. Rope yourself a piece of that history with the STAR Cowgirl Pennsylvania Motor Oil Sign! 

See the price here on HWY Vintage. 

Musgo Gasoline

This vintage Musgo Gasoline sign is a ‘mushave’… see what we did there? 

Musgo was the Muskegon Oil Company’s gasoline brand – which was only in business from 1927 to 1929. 

Get your hands on this sign!

Check out the price here on HWY Vintage.

Sunoco Mickey Mouse

A vintage motor oil favorite, the Mickey Mouse Sunoco sign is straight out of the 1940’s. This sign was displayed at Sunoco gas stations in the late 1930’s to mid 1940’s through a licensing agreement with Disney. Grab this piece of Sunoco and Disney history!

See Price on HWY Vintage. 

Texaco “Our Girls Love To Pump It”

The days of full-service gas stations around the country are all but gone. Own a piece of unique Texaco history with this vintage pin-up gas girl sign! 

This collectible Richard’s Texaco Casino sign can be found on HWY Vintage.

Indian Penn

This 1937 vintage Indian Penn sign is a piece of iconic petroliana advertising. This sign is perfect for your man cave! 

See the price here on HWY Vintage

Fill Her Up at Amy’s on Route 66

This vintage sign is perfect for any collector of Mother Road memorabilia. 

The Fill Her Up at Amy’s on Route 66 sign is from the 1950s. This sign is reminiscent of the exciting days of yesteryear and features a full US map of Route 66. Not to mention the classic pin-up girl! 

Get this classic sign for your man cave at HWY Vintage. 

Flossie’s Fina Super Service

Another piece of Route 66 History – the Flossie’s Fina Super Service sign will make a great addition to any man cave. 

This vintage Mother Road sign for the Fina gas stations in Arizona and California features a unique take on superhero favorites. 

See the price here on HWY Vintage. 

Route 66 Sign

A true classic and a staple for every Route 66 lovers collection: The Route 66 sign. Old Route 66 is the most iconic road in America – every man cave needs a sign like this! 

Check out the price here on HWY Vintage.

Muscle Power Ford

The Ford Muscle Power Gas Pump sign looks great hung anywhere. The muscle car has roots dating back to the 1940’s and Ford muscle cars set the foundation for muscle cars everywhere! 

The Muscle Power vintage Ford sign has vibrant coloring and old-school artwork.

Check out the price here on HWY Vintage

Grumpy’s Garage

Another Sunoco Vintage Classic, the Grumpy’s Garage sign is hard to find. This sign has vibrant coloring and would make a great piece for any man cave, garage, or shop! 

Check out the price here on HWY Vintage.

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