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Campers Inspired by “The Queen’s Gambit” Take to Chess in Their RVs

Campers Inspired by “The Queen’s Gambit” Take to Chess in Their RVs

“The Queen’s Gambit” revolution has swept America. And, interestingly enough, it’s timed up nicely with the RV boom.

Campers from coast to coast have dusted off their old chess boards and loaded them in their RVs.

Today we’re looking at the mind-boggling streaming stats and talking to real-life campers that are now playing chess as they travel. Because there’s no better way to unwind than camping, sipping a warm beverage, and taking to the board.

What’s The Queens Gambit & Who’s Watching?

The Queen’s Gambit” is a smash hit on Netflix. Ranking first on Nielsen’s streaming top 10 for two weeks in a row, the show has amassed over 7 billion minutes of watch time.

According to Netflix, “The Queen’s Gambit” is its most all-time most popular limited series. In fact, 62 million households have watched it.

Head to head with “The Mandalorian,” the stats for “The Queen’s Gambit” took the streaming prize.

The show tells a tale of a young woman’s quest to become the world’s best chess player as she struggles with addiction and emotional problems.

white and black chess board

How Are RV Campers Responding to “The Queen’s Gambit”?

Like the “The Queen’s Gambit,” RV travel has exploded in popularity this year. These two phenomenons are perfect bedfellows.

Camping allows people to slow down and disconnect. Likewise, chess is a game of thoughtfulness and patience. 

When we asked our online community of RV travelers if “The Queen’s Gambit” has inspired them to learn or revisit chess, many said a resounding “yes!”

Alice Andersen, avid camper and founder Mommy to Mom, says:

“My family loves playing board games together, especially while camping in our travel trailer. Our 12-year-old daughter wanted to learn how to play chess last year. We ended up playing during all three of our camping trips, it was so nice unplugging and spending that quality time together. 

My husband and I just finished binge-watching “The Queen’s Gambit,” which inspired us to teach our son how to play. We thought 6 was too young, but he actually understands and likes it. 

We plan on buying an extra chess set to bring with us on our camping trips so we can all play at the same time and have tournaments like in the show!”

3 Cool Chess Board Perfect for RV Camping

While any chessboard will do, there are specific boards there are more compatible with travel.

This magnetic board is compact and easy to use while traveling (not just once you set up camp). Under 10 inches, you’ll have enough space on the board to move easily. And, it’s not too large for RV living.

If you really need to save space, this folding and magnetic board will do the trick. It isn’t fancy, but it allows play anywhere in the wilderness!

Get the most bang for your buck with this 4-in-1 game setWhether your family likes chess, tic tack toe, checkers, or fast sling puck, there’s something for everyone. However, none of the pieces are magnetic.

Let Us Know If You’ve Been Inspired

Tell us your travel story inspired by “The Queen’s Gambit” in the comments section! Maybe we can meet up on the road and play for a spell!

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  1. carolyn (Casita 16 SD) says:

    We started with scrabble, will bring our chess set next season.

  2. Robert Slimak says:

    Oh hell no! Tried chess 50 years ago and bored vfc to death. I prefer to be active. That’s why I also don’t watch sports. Sitting in a chair watching football (or hockey, basketball, etc.) is not for me. I don’t want to watch, I want to do.

  3. Larry says:

    Played on high school chess team, but haven’t played much since; off & on. Started teaching my grandkids…again, off & on. I also binge watched The Queen’s Gambit…inspired me to pick it up again…especially with my grandkids. We’re just getting started with RVing, so will need to ensure there’s a chess board when we’re done “doing”! Have a hard time sitting still, but there’s a time and place for everything.