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Jay-Z Is Invested in RV Camping, Literally

Jay-Z Is Invested in RV Camping, Literally

The search for ‘hip’ campsites just got more interesting.  

Jay-Z and his venture fund, Marcy Venture Partners, are investing in the share economy camping platform, HipCamp.  

The entertainment mogul has a dazzling investment record. And Hipcamp’s goal to expand access to the outdoors should fit into his portfolio nicely.

With the recent boom in RV camping, it sounds as though he didn’t miss a beat.

Jay-Z and Marcy Venture Partners 

After a journey of starts and stops, Jay-Z finally found like-minds in Jay Brown and Larry Marcus to create Marcy Venture Partners.  

The venture fund has early access to fast-growing start-ups, providing funding to businesses in the music technology sector.  

But it appears that they are already encouraging small companies that have an eye for expanding horizons. Their investment in Hipcamp exemplifies this. The outdoor campsite specialists are working tooth and nail to make nature more accessible to everyone.

Marcy Venture Partners gained its moniker from Jay-Z’s formative years, growing up in Marcy House, a public housing complex in Brooklyn, New York. In creating his venture fund, he has established a new sector of income tied directly to his past, using MVP to help new entrepreneurs realize their potential, as well.

What is Hipcamp? 

What began as a way to find unique outdoor lodging across the country has turned into a movement with Hipcamp. It’s basically the AirBnB of campsites.

HipCamp connects people to more than 430,000 unique campsites throughout the United States. This is essential as RV travel booms. It’s satisfying the camping needs of glampers, tenters, RVers, and even treehouse dwellers!  

Their motto speaks to the goal of getting more people outside: “We believe humans in nature bring out the best of human nature.”

Jay-Z Invests in HipCamp

With this new influx of investment from Shawn Carter (aka Jay-Z) and his partners at Marcy Venture Partners, Hipcamp can continue to grow its reach and maximize its potential.  

The marriage between the campsite booking company and Marcy can be advantageous to both parties.

The Importance Of Encouraging More People To Get Outdoors

As Hipcamp says, “Every person needs to breathe fresh air and directly experience nature’s awe-inspiring impact.”  

It’s this belief that drove founder, Alyssa Ravasio, to create a site that connects people with the land and those who care for it, giving travelers a unique opportunity to stay in natural locations, bonding with their hosts and destinations.

Hipcamp spreads the love of the outdoors, helps fund land conservation through recreation, and exposes more people to activities like organic farming and outdoor education.  

Harried travelers can escape maddening rush hours to camp in a dense forest. RVers can set up camp at an alpaca farm.  

First-time campers can experience a mountain stream’s cadence, understanding the importance of land and water protection. And people who connect in nature are much less likely to destroy it.

The combination of nature-loving Hipcamp and business-building Jay-Z might be a match made in heaven.  

And the music mogul may be instrumental in increasing the number of campers who want to explore lodging options outside of traditional campgrounds.  

Only time will tell, but we look forward to seeing the results of this new partnership.

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