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Stream ‘Dune’ on HBO Max at these Otherworldly Campsites

Stream ‘Dune’ on HBO Max at these Otherworldly Campsites

As an RVer, you can stay almost anywhere the road can take you. In fact, you might even find yourself camping in places that seem like they are part of another world.

If sci-fi adventure is your thing, you can immerse yourself completely by watching the new movie, Dune, while camping out at an otherworldly campsite.

And watching is easy because you’ll be able to stream Dune anywhere. All you need is a little internet and the HBO Max app. 

What is ‘Dune’? 

Dune brings Frank Herbert’s novel to life on the big screen (or in this case, the small screen). This science fiction story tells the story of Paul Atreides, a nobleman’s son who must protect an element that is the most valuable and most vital asset to the entire universe. 

In his endeavors to save his family and his people, Paul travels to the galaxy’s most dangerous planet. There he must face explosive conflict to secure access to the element and unlock humanity’s full potential. 

Dune is perfect for those who love action, adventure, and otherworldly travel. 

How and When To Stream Dune

To stream Dune, all you need is a subscription to HBO max. The subscription costs $15 a month.

They expect to release Dune on October 1, 2021.

After release, the movie, like many other new releases, will be available to stream for 1 month.

Make sure you don’t miss it during that month or you’ll only be able to catch it in theaters after that. 

If you opt to stream Dune at one of the out of this world campgrounds below, we recommend you use a cell signal booster for the best connection. This will ensure a smooth streaming experience with no buffering right before the climax! 

We’re letting you know about these ideal campsites now so you can plan an epic trip!

5 Otherworldly Campsites Perfect For Streaming Dune

If you want to feel you’re along for the journey with Dune’s hero, there is no better way to do so than by camping out at one of these amazing sites. 

Craggy Wash, Lake Havasu Arizona

GPS: 34.5935, -114.3619

Craggy Wash Campground is on BLM land, meaning you can camp for a whopping $0 a night. There are no amenities at the campground, so prepare to boondock.

The good news is, you’ll have no issues streaming Dune if you have Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint 3G. T Mobile coverage, however, isn’t good in this area. The longest RV reported at Craggy Wash was a 42 foot Class A, but we recommend scouting ahead if you have a long rig. 

This desert campground has gravel pads where you’ll be surrounded by blue skies and towering red rocks. And when the sun sets in the evening, you’ll question what planet you’re even on as the sky turns to bright orange. 

Black Canyon North, Mojave National Preserve

GPS: 34.9824, -115.3889

Located on the Mojave National Preserve in Essex, California, Black Canyon North is the perfect place to escape to. You can boondock here for free in your RV.

It is best for smaller rigs, however, the longest RV reported was 40 feet. Cell service is best for Verizon or AT&T, but you’re definitely going to want your cell booster while here, especially for streaming Dune. 

With your RV parked amongst the layered rocks and sagebrush with prickly cacti surrounding you, you definitely won’t feel like you’re in California. The campground is quiet and well maintained.

And the desert sunsets are to die for. 

Alabama Hills, Lone Pine CA

GPS: 36.5958, -118.1092

This campground is absolutely unreal! Large boulders dot the desert, which stands in stark contrast to the towering, white-capped mountains behind. The mix of brown and red rocks, grey mountains, and sunny blue skies makes for the perfect backdrop for your next RV adventure. 

You can stay here for free, and it is suitable for longer rigs. The longest reported RV was a 45 foot Class A.

Expect to take your rig on a bit of a climb since this campground is at just under 4,500 feet. Your best bet for streaming Dune is if you have Sprint. Verizon, AT&T, and T Mobile have some coverage, but it isn’t as strong at Alabama Hills. 

The Main Drag 525 in Sedona, AZ

GPS: 34.8334, -111.9083

The Main Drag offers free dispersed camping in the Coconino National Forest which is located in Sedona Arizona. You’ll enjoy a 360-degree view of orange dirt and towering cliffs that stretch up to the sunny blue skies.

This campground is best equipped for rigs 35 feet or shorter. And even though you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, you get pretty good cell service with all the major carriers. It isn’t perfect, but for boondocking, it is pretty darn good and should be enough for streaming.

American Girl Mine, Winterhaven CA

GPS: 32.8368, -114.812       

American Girl Mine Road is on BLM land in Winterhaven, California. When you camp here, a beautiful kind of nothing will surround you. Sagebrush dots the desert and some small mountains provide a contrast to the otherwise flat landscape.

In fact, Star Wars was filmed just a few miles away!

With plenty of sun, it is perfect for boondockers to charge up their solar panels. 

This campground is free to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Cell service for Verizon and AT&T is great out here with T Mobile coming in just behind, and Spring is not as strong. Compared to the previous otherworldly campgrounds, here you’ll have some of the best coverage for streaming Dune if you have Verizon or AT&T. 

Plan Your ‘Dune’ Streaming Party Now

Boondocking at one of these out-of-this-world campgrounds will let you feel like you’re part of Dune. So, grab your cell booster, your solar panels, and a sense of adventure and get out there.

Starting October 1st, you’ll be able to stream Dune on HBO Max for one month. So mark your calendar and start planning.

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  1. What, no sand? White Sands or the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado are what jump to mind for me. Lake Havasu is lovely I’m sure, but Dune doesn’t bring to mind the water planets. It brings to mind Arrakis.