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How to Stream NFL Football From Your RV Camper

How to Stream NFL Football From Your RV Camper

If you’re a football fan, you know nothing beats tailgating and watching the game with your buddies. But as an RVer, you have the chance to take tailgating to a whole new level.

So, get ready to kick back and relax while watching your favorite football team in the great outdoors. Here’s everything you need to know to stream NFL from your RV. 

How To Do It?

There are several ways to stream NFL.

Depending on what cable TV subscription you have, you may be able to stream NFL live using your subscription wherever you travel. If this isn’t an option for you or you don’t have cable, there are other options for streaming NFL. 

You can also stream NFL games through RedZone. RedZone partners with YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and Sling.

Another choice is to access Sunday football games with a subscription to CBS All Access. These web-based streaming options include a free trial so you can check it out before committing. After that, prices vary, but CBS All Access is the cheapest way to go. 

Other online streaming options include NFLSundayTicket.TV, however, it is not available in all areas. You can also stream NFL by purchasing the NFL Game Pass. This lets you watch replays only, so if you can’t bear to wait or your friends will spill the beans, Game Pass may not be the best choice. 

Finally, a few more options include Amazon Prime which gives access to 11 Thursday Night football games, or Hulu+ Live TV which gives access to ABC, CBS, ESPN, and Fox Sports through Hulu+ Live TV. 

There are lots of different ways to stream NFL games, so we know one of those will work for you while you RV. 

Tips For Streaming NFL In Your RV

To get the best NFL streaming experience and not miss a single play, follow these tips. 

Make Sure You Have a Strong Connection

If you will stream using a hotspot or your phone, make sure you have a strong connection. You can even check this out beforehand.

Most major cell carriers provide a coverage map on their website. You can check this out and zoom in on the map to see what the coverage is like in the area you plan to camp.

This will help ensure your signal is powerful enough to stream NFL and anything else you might want to watch while you’re camping. 

Having Multiple Cell Carriers Increases Chances of Strong Signal

If you have a phone hotspot and another hotspot, having them with two different cell carriers also increases the chances you’ll have a powerful signal wherever you decide to go. If you are traveling with other people, you and your friends might be on different networks for more options. 

Although coverage maps provide an idea of the coverage in an area, there is always some fluctuation.

When lots of people on the same network are using the same cell towers, you’ll experience a slowed connection. Having several carriers gives you more flexibility for temporary slowdowns as well. Which brings us to our next point. 

If Not On Wi-Fi, Avoid Overcrowded Areas

If you aren’t using park Wi-Fi or your own personal Wi-Fi setup, you’ll want to avoid overcrowded areas for the best experience when you stream NFL. This is because the more crowded areas get bogged down with lots of people using the cell towers at the same time. 

We recommend you go to a less populated area that still has good coverage according to your cell carrier’s coverage map. That way you’ll have a better chance of having uninterrupted streaming. 

Quartzsite BLM Boondocking

Use Boosters to Stream NFL With a Better Connection

Last, using a booster to stream NFL will give you a stronger connection throughout the game. We’ll talk about this more in the next section. 

Boosting Your Connection For a Better Streaming Experience

If you are a diehard football fan, you know how important it is to catch every second of the game. Boosting your Wi-Fi or cell phone signal will give you a better streaming experience. 

If you are staying at a campground but are parked far away from the Wi-Fi source, a Wi-Fi repeater may help you get a better signal in your rig.

Similarly, a cell signal booster will boost your cell service to give you a stronger connection for more seamless streaming. 

Some cell signal boosters, such as the weBoost, can boost your signal up to 32x, ensuring a strong, consistent connection. 

Boondocking With Rooftop Cell Booster
Boondocking With Rooftop Cell Booster

Are You Ready For Some Football?

If you’re an RVer, weekends at the campground don’t have to mean missing out on Sunday football. You can easily stream NFL through various means.

Never miss a minute by ensuring you have a strong internet connection and improve the function even more by getting a cell signal booster. Next time the big game rolls around, you’ll be tailgating in style!

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