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How To Stream HBO Max When You’re Camping

How To Stream HBO Max When You’re Camping

HBO has long been the premier “movie” channel, offering exclusive release of films through cable television immediately after they were released in theaters. 

Over the years, the network  has added streaming services. They’ve also produced their own series and movies, while maintaining their position at the top of today’s pay television industry. 

And for those of us who spend a lot of time in our RVs or camping off-grid, HBO has provided numerous hours of enjoyment indoors.

A new offering from HBO will add even more options to your camping entertainment.  Check out HBO Max:

What is HBO Max? 

If you love getting “first look” screenings of films and TV shows, HBO Max was created just for you. 

HBO Max hasa the epic series and blockbuster movies that HBO has always been known for. Then, add in selections from so many other networks and studios! HBO Max has shows from the BBC, TNT, TBS, Warner Brothers, the Cartoon Network, the CW and Studio Ghibli, and more. This all adds up to a jam-packed lineup for your viewing pleasure.

But it doesn’t stop there!  HBO Max is poised to provide same day streaming of movies as they premiere in theaters throughout 2021.  You will have access to new movies on the day they open on local screens. Plus, you can watch them for up to 31 days after their theatrical release.

The service is able to command top price at $14.99 a month. But, it can be streamed on a wide variety of devices.

5 Tips for The Best Campsite Streaming Experience

If you decide to jump in and subscribe to HBO Max, here are a few things to help make your viewing experience more enjoyable when you stream it in your camper:

Multiple Cell Carriers Can Make Getting Signal Easier

Always have a backup system in place for streaming.  This usually means having two different cell service providers in your bag of options. 

You may be camping in an area where one cellular company has strong coverage one day. Then, the next day, in a location where that service is non-existent. 

So, having an account with two companies that complement each other’s coverage will make your streaming almost limitless.

Wifi Boosters to Help Boost Campground Wifi

If you are staying in an organized campground that offers wifi, you may be able to improve the strength of the signal by using a wifi booster.

This comes with a caveat, however. Most wifi capabilities at campgrounds do not have the bandwidth needed for all campers to be able to stream.  They are meant more for activities like checking email or reading the news. So, don’t expect fast upload or download times, which is what is required to stream video.

Cell Signal Boosters are a Streamer’s Must-Have

Cell boosters can enhance a signal from nearby towers a great deal. 

It is always a good idea to carry one with you, as there can be a variety of unforeseen causes for weak signals, and your streaming enjoyment will be short-lived if a movie is continually buffering because of one!

Unlimited Data Plans are Best for Streaming

Unless you like endless overage charges from your cell provider, make sure you have an unlimited data plan.  Streaming just one 2 hour movie can use up to 2 gigabytes of data, and a high definition movie may use up to 6 gigabytes! 

Unlimited data plans will give you peace of mind, with no surprise charges each month.  But be forewarned:  “unlimited” sometimes comes with a stipulation from your provider – once you hit their predetermined number (usually 22 to 25 gigabytes used during a billing period), cellular companies may throttle your service, or slow it down considerably. 

So if you can find a truly “unlimited” plan, you have hit the jackpot for streaming everything HBO Max has to offer!

Avoid Overcrowded Areas

If you tend to camp in more populated areas, you may find that streaming can be difficult during high usage times. 

This is because the cell towers have more people utilizing the same bandwidth.  In many instances, the signal becomes stronger once a populated event has passed or during less popular times of daily use, as fewer users are online or using their phones.

How to Stream HBO Max At Your Campsite

The perfect setup for entertainment streaming in an RV starts with your internet connection.  With a truly unlimited data plan through your cell provider you can watch as many television comedies, movies and sporting events as you like, providing you have the electrical power to do so.

If plugged in at a campground, chances are you will be streaming through a hot spot on your phone or through a jetpack provided by the cellular company.  Then, open up an account and subscribe to HBO Max through either AT&T, Cox, DirecTV, YouTube TV, Hulu, Optimum, Prime Video Channels, Spectrum, Verizon or Xfinity.

Once subscribed, you can download the HBO Max app through Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon AppStore or Samsung TV and gain access to the largest variety of televised offerings available.  Watch addictive series and a huge selection of movies, either on a computer, tablet, television or phone.

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