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Famous RV YouTubers Share “Best Boondocking Spot Ever” (and it’s on the Beach)

Famous RV YouTubers Share “Best Boondocking Spot Ever” (and it’s on the Beach)

This week famous RV YouTubers, Enjoy The Journey Life shared their best boondocking spot ever. And, that’s a big statement considering they’ve been RVing for many years.

The spot is a free, beachfront campsite. You can park 15 feet from the water.

When they broke the news today, we totally understood why. We’ve camped at the very same site and agree with their assessment.

Want to find out the details? Read on!

Dispersed camping on a beach with a Class B RV.

What Is Boondocking?

If you’ve never heard of the term boondocking, fear not. It’s only recently become popular.

Boondocking is camping off-grid on public land. It’s usually free, and it rarely has any amenities.

Boondocking takes place mostly on federal lands like BLM, National Forests, and Recreation Areas. But, it can also happen on state, county, and city lands.

When you go boondocking, you’ll need to provide your own water, energy, and waste management.

Pro TipHere are our 20 favorite boondocking sites in the USA.

Where Is Explore The Journey Life’s Favorite Boondocking Spot?

The boondocking spot is on a public beach in Texas. It’s called Magnolia Beach, and it’s located about 50 miles northeast of Corpus Christi.

Here’s the video from Enjoy The Journey Life.

Get access to exact GPS Coordinate Here.

The site is easy for all size RVs to access. You don’t have to venture far off a paved road to get a sweet waterfront view. The sand is so hard-packed that Class A RVs can be seen parked on it.

Obviously, you should decide for yourself if the beach looks ok to drive on, as conditions are ever-changing.

While this site offers no hook-ups, they do have a great bathroom & shower facility. They are cleaned daily and well respected by fellow campers.  

If you need to dump or fill your tanks, there are a few RV parks in a one-mile radius. 

Pro TipWe created a complete resource for places to dump your RV tanks after boondocking.

The site also offers many trash cans for easy disposal.

Do We Agree With Enjoy The Journey Life?

Quite simply, heck yes.

While Magnolia Beach isn’t our #1 spot, we ranked it #2 on our best free camping list last year. And, if you love awesome boondocking sites, we promise our #1 spot will blow this one out of the water.

Pun intended.

Boondocking on Texas Beach
Boondocking on Texas Beach

Magnolia Beach Camping Checklist

If you want to try boondocking at Magnolia Beach, we’ve created this easy checklist to make sure you’re prepared.

Water: If you’re in an RV, fill up the fresh tank before setting up camp. Potable water can be challenging to access at and around Magnolia Beach.

Electricity: There are a few options for staying charged while camping at Magnolia Beach. For tents & vans, having a portable solar generator will keep your electronics charged without draining your vehicle battery. For RVers, carrying a small inverter generator is your best bet.

Food: Stock up before you make the trip to Magnolia Beach. There aren’t a lot of great grocery options in the area. And, once you’ve set up camp, you won’t want to drive back and forth to town.

Trash Bags: Bring a couple of trash bags with you. If you have extra bags, pick up the campsite and leave it better than you found it!

Bathroom: While Magnolia Beach has bathrooms, they aren’t always unlocked. Always come prepared with another option. For tent & van campers, we recommend bringing a small cassette toilet. RVers – make sure your black tank is empty before arrival. Many RV boondockers have modified their rigs to have composting toilets.

Camping Stove: You’ll need a way to cook your dinner. We recommend one of these top propane camping stoves for your culinary arts!

Camping Chair: It may seem obvious, but you won’t want to forget a quality camping chair. The beach is perfect for chillin’. Here are 11 camping chairs we love.

Additional Comforts: Sunglasses, sun block, bug spray, maps, hammock, pocket knife, binoculars, umbrellas, first aid kit.

Trip Planning to Magnolia Beach with Your RV

Magnolia Beach and its surrounding area is very accessible for all size RVs. The challenging part…routing your path to avoid narrow streets and interstate traffic.

We use RV Trip Wizard to plan our routes. It allows us to enter our RV specs, ideal travel style, and budget. With that info, RV Trip Wizard helps us create the perfect plan.

This tool will help you avoid low hanging bridges, steep mountain passes, and tunnels for those of you in large RVs.

Here’s our video review of Magnolia Beach boondocking:

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  1. Bob says:

    I’ve camped a lot on the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. Here is one more thing to do, after. When you leave go to a car wash and wash off the salt, including the chassis. Save your vehicle from salt corrosion!

  2. Jill says:

    Any suggestions for the south/east coast? I would love to try this. I read the entire article and great information. I live in South Carolina but would have no idea where to begin to camp for free

  3. I’m heading towards Texas from Arizona now and this place is on my list.