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A Luxury RV Travel Trailer…Yes, It’s a Reality

 A Luxury RV Travel Trailer…Yes, It’s a Reality

If you’re looking for luxury in a towable RV, you’re probably worried you’ll have to spend big to get a fifth wheel.

Not only do fifth wheels usually have a higher price tag, but also, you’ll need a more expensive truck to tow it.

If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll definitely want to keep reading. That is because the Forest River Grand Surveyor has a luxury travel trailer! Yes. You read that right! 

Forest River Grand Surveyor: A Truly Luxurious Travel Trailer

If you are ready for a travel trailer that has all the bells and whistles and is ready to hit the road, look no further. The Forest River Grand Surveyor has everything you could hope for and more. 

Every travel trailer in this line comes with a classy, 21st-century design. The features we love the most that are new for 2021 are the laminated azdel walls and floors, PVC membrane roof you can actually walk on without fear, residential size beds, residential quality bathrooms, and solar capabilities for off-grid traveling. 

You won’t feel at all like you’re in an RV with the residential size beds. And you can actually fit your hanger in the oversized wardrobes. Plus, there is extra storage space under the bed so you won’t have to leave any of your must-haves behind. 

Every model comes equipped with a 15K a/c and 30,000 BTU ducted furnace with a digital thermostat. You’ll be comfortable all year round with these features. You also won’t have to worry about burst pipes, because the underbelly is fully enclosed and heated. 

Outside, you’ll love the kitchen, gas griddle, and sink. And the indoor kitchen and bathroom also come with a variety of space-saving upgrades like storage cubbies, knife holders, and more.

As if all that wasn’t enough, there are also additional luxury features you can upgrade to. These include a second a/c unit in the bedroom, artic package with heat pads on the holding tanks, bamboo wood lino flooring, electric stabilizers for the jacks, and free-standing dinette and chairs.   

There are several models to choose from so you can pick the perfect floorplan and features. Keep reading to find out which luxury travel trailer is best for your needs. 

267RBSS Model Overview

The 267 Grand Surveyor model sleeps 6 and comes in at 30’7” for its exterior length. You definitely won’t be sacrificing anything with this beauty. 

It has one large slide the length of the living area so you will have tons of space to hang out after a day of adventuring. And the best part is the panoramic windows let you feel like you’re outside all day long. 

The 267 has a walk-in pantry, a dinette, and a full kitchen with a large fridge. It also has plenty of cabinet space. And let us tell you, the cabinets are gorgeous wood with a modern look. 

It also has one of the most spacious bathrooms one can find in an RV of any length. The bathroom is closed off with a beautiful barn door to make the back of your RV look top-notch. 

The bedroom is tucked in the front with plenty of space to maneuver around the bed on either side. It also has plenty of storage space to meet all your needs. 

272FLS Model Overview

The layout of the 272 model is a lot different from the 267 but still sleeps up to 6 people. It is just a bit longer at 31’ 8” giving you slightly more living area with a huge dinette. The living and kitchen area is in the front of the travel trailer with a single slide that really opens up the room. There is also more than enough counter space so you can cook anything your heart desires. 

Moving back from the living area is the pass-through bathroom, which spans the entire width of the RV. It has a spacious shower and plenty of space in front of the bathroom vanity. Seriously, it is probably the biggest RV bathroom you’ll ever find. 

Behind the bathroom in the back of the trailer is the bedroom with a queen-size bed. Underneath this area, you will find pass-through storage giving you plenty of room for everything you might want to bring along on your adventures. 

301FKDS Model Overview

If you want a more spacious layout that sleeps 4 but affords a king-size bed, the 301 model of the Grand Surveyor is the way to go. It is 36’ 7”. The added length gives you a spacious living area with some extra seating and a free-standing dinette. 

The added length and an additional slide at the back also mean you have a bigger bedroom. The best thing about the bedroom is the fireplace. You will feel so cozy with this delightful addition. 

The bathroom is between the living area and the bedroom. Instead of a pass-through bathroom like the 272, there is a slightly smaller bathroom with a hallway to the bedroom. The bathroom isn’t quite as roomy, but the sacrifice is a small price to pay because the bathroom has a washer and dryer prep area. No more laundry mats or RV park laundry rooms with this amazing trailer. 

302RLOK Model Overview

The last option in the Grand Surveyor line is the 302. Although it is a little shorter than the 301 at 36’ 7”, you have a significant amount of living area because this bad boy boasts 3 slides! 

The living room/kitchen area is in the back of the trailer and has opposing slides for a huge amount of space. You won’t be wanting for anything with this layout. You have a free-standing dinette, a large pantry and fridge, a kitchen island with a sink, and tons of counter space. In the living area, there is plenty of seating area with room for up to 4.

 As you head to the front of the trailer, you’ll find the bathroom with room for a washer and dryer. Then, in the very front, is the spacious bedroom with a king-sized bed. There is a dresser and several small wardrobes that add up to give you plenty of space for your clothes. 

Another awesome feature in the bedroom is the bench window seat that doubles as extra storage space or a place to read. And, like the 301, you’ll also love how cozy you are with the electric fireplace. 

Want More Luxury Travel Trailer Options? Check Out The Forest River Surveyor Legend!

Although we think the Grand Surveyor line offers many wonderful options for a luxury travel trailer, there is one more option to consider. If you’re looking for something even more high end, look no further than the Surveyor Legend. 

The Surveyor Legend offers many of the same features as the Grand Surveyor with a few upgrades. The Legend package includes a slow close slower door, residential bath faucet, one-touch electric awning, and seamless countertops. There are additional upgrade options including an additional a/c unit, upgrade to a larger TV, additional bike/utility rack, and a trifold sofa or sofa with storage. 

You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Luxury With Forest River Grand Surveyor

The Forest River line of luxury travel trailers will make it hard to believe you are in a trailer. You’ll feel more like you are in a sticks and bricks house given the high-quality craftsmanship and spacious layout.

So, when it comes time to set out on your next adventure, do it in style with the Grand Surveyor or Surveyor Legend.

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  1. You only need a truck to tow it if you are moving it often. We’ve never had a truck and lived in our 5th wheel for 11 years!