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The Most Overrated RV Park Amenities

The Most Overrated RV Park Amenities

RV park amenities can make or break your stay at a campground. Whether it be full hookups at your campsite or a place to let your dog run, many amenities have come to be expected. 

Not all campgrounds are created equal, and not all amenities are really all they’re cracked up to be. 

Let’s dive into what we believe are the 5 most overrated RV park amenities. 

Top view of a partial swimming pool on the left and an orange patio umbrella on the right. Are swimming pools overrated?
Is a swimming pool overrated?

What are RV Park Amenities? 

RV park amenities are features and services campers expect when staying at campgrounds and RV parks. 

Depending on the type of park, campground, or resort, you can expect different amenities. In fact, if you want to know the actual difference between these three camping options, you can access that info here.

Amenities include things like full hook-up campsites, swimming pools, mini-golf, firepits, grills, a clubhouse, etc. 

A well-manicured mini-golf green with trees and a waterfall in the background. Mini-Golf can be one of the more popular RV park amenities.
Mini-Golf can be one of the more popular RV park amenities.

5 Most Overrated RV Park Amenities

Many RV park amenities are sought after and useful, but not all! Here’s what we think are the 5 most overrated RV park amenities. 

Free WiFi

Free WiFi is amazing. It would be the best RV park amenity if only it were reliable! 

Campground and RV park WiFi is notoriously sketchy. Whether the internet is too slow, your campsite is too far from the router, or it’s overloaded getting good wifi in a campground is hit or miss. 

Even if you call the campground prior to booking to ask about their WiFi and get a good response – this doesn’t mean it’ll actually be working when you get there! You just can’t rely solely on campground wifi, especially if you work from the road. 

Pro Tip: Having a wifi booster equipped in your RV can help loads with boosting a weak signal. Learn about RV wifi boosters here. 

A wooden board with a rusted metal WiFi sign. Free WiFi can be hit or miss, especially in the evenings.
Free WiFi can be hit or miss, especially in the evenings.

Separate Kid and Adult Swimming Pools and Adult-Only Hot Tubs

Some campgrounds and RV resorts advertise separate areas for kids and adults. Some will have adult pools and kid pools, and most have rules that the hot tub is for adults 18 and over. 

These amenities would be great, but many parks rarely enforce the rules. As a result, you may find yourself sharing a not so peaceful hot tub with kids!

If you don’t want to be around kids, just stay at a 55+ RV park (they’re all over America).

Kids taking up most of the space in a hot tub. Kids could prevent you from enjoying a peaceful soak in the hot tub.
Kids could prevent you from enjoying a peaceful soak in the hot tub.

Free Cable TV

I don’t know about you, but we don’t spend much time watching cable TV. That’s what Netflix and YouTube are for! 

Free cable TV is an attractive amenity for many people, especially older or retired RVers. But, for us, it’s pretty overrated. 


Grills are another overrated campground amenity. Chances are if you’re a grilling aficionado, you carry your grill and supplies with you. 

Don’t get me wrong, grills are cool and great to have at your campsite.

Just a bit overrated as an amenity.  

Camp Stores

Finally, we have camp stores on this list of overrated RV Park amenities. Some campgrounds and RV parks have small general stores on-site where they sell things like camping foods, pool or lake toys, first aid, and general outdoor stuff. 

While these stores might be convenient if you run out of ice, they can be significantly overpriced. You’ll definitely pay for the convenience!

Not All RV Park Amenities Are Overrated

Not all RV park amenities are overrated. And, not all the amenities on this list are overrated all the time! If there’s an amenity you’re counting on or relying on (like WiFi for remote workers) make sure you have a backup plan. And don’t be disappointed if the amenity is not all you’d thought it would be when you arrive. 

Keep in Mind: The more you pay, the better the amenities should be. Here are 11 Luxury RV Parks across the USA.

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  1. Robert Hankin says:

    Sorry. I have to disagree. Grills are a huge benefit and we probably would not stay at one without them. I also think camp stores are very important. There is always something you forget. Better to pay more and have what you need then possibly miss out on the experience. I would not call anything you listed as overrated other the pool and hot tub. I think the campgrounds need all these amenities. And if they are needed they cannot be overrated.

  2. Steve Simmons says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Robert!

  3. Jeff says:

    On the other side of the coin, I have never in 30+ years used any grill other than my own. I don’t think I have bought anything other than an ice cream bar from the camp stores. The prices are most often ridiculous. A larger campsite where I won’t have to listen to my neighbor fart is much more important to us.

  4. Tim Woody says:

    I disagree about cable tv. If Wi-Fi is notoriously bad, or the campground crowded enough to have serious internet congestion, how would Netflix or YouTube be of any use? Not everyone has an expensive cellular internet setup, especially the recreational non-full time camper.