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Mobile RV Repair Scam Leads to $10K in Damages

Mobile RV Repair Scam Leads to $10K in Damages

RVers seem to be the target of many scams, both online and in-person.

This month it’s been reported that an RVing couple in Yuma, Arizona has been one of the most recent scam targets. In a report from local station NBC11, Arlette Yousif broke this story.

Here’s what went down:

A still unidentified man claimed he had years of mobile RV repair experience. His story was convincing enough to sell his repair service to Greg and Beth Salo. The scammers offer was to repaint the Salo’s roof for $2000.

Unfortunately, the deal wasn’t legit.

Yes, the scammer “did the work.” However, RV repair wasn’t his expertise.

When the Salo’s saw him doing the work, what they witnessed was their RV being spray-painted. This is far from the definition of a proper RV roof painting job.

The RV scammer is identified as a balding caucasian with a red SUV.

According the the NBC11 story, a local auto repair company said the damages caused by this fraudulent job is now $10,000 to fix.

The timing of this story is a bit ironic. We recently published an article titled, Should You Avoid Mobile RV Repair Work.

Should You Avoid Mobile RV Repairmen?

The quick answer is “no.” However, this story should give you pause before letting any random joe work on your RV.

There are countless resources to help you locate a qualified mobile RV repair technician. Arguably the most accurate way to find someone nearby would be to speak with your fellow travelers and campground staff.

Certainly, the local employees at your RV park should be able to give you a first-hand reference. In addition to the personnel, consider speaking with other RVers. Many people will stay in a particular area for an extended period and may have utilized a nearby service.

And don’t forget the trusty and reliable internet will always furnish information about nearby services within the area.

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