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Can You Live at KOA?

Can You Live at KOA?

Not everyone who lives in an RV is traveling every few weeks. What options do you have if you want to stay in your RV but need to stay put in one location?

Because of KOA’s long-standing history, many RVers look to them first when searching for a place to stay. Does KOA allow you to stay long-term?

Let’s take a look. 

Can You Live at KOA? 

Many KOAs do allow you to stay long-term at their facilities. A long-term stay at a KOA is a stay exceeding 28 consecutive days. KOA does allow you to technically live at their locations while renting month to month, similarly to renting an apartment or house.

You can’t book a monthly site online; you must call to arrange any stay longer than 28 days. 

Do All KOAs Offer Long-Term Camping? 

Not all KOAs offer long-term camping options. You’ll need to call the specific KOA you’re interested in staying at long-term to inquire whether they permit monthly reservations.

If you want to figure out if a KOA allows long-term stays but can’t call at the moment, you may be able to find the information on websites such as Campendium. 

Reasons You Might Want to Camp Long-Term at KOA

Those who travel full-time and change locations every week or less might be a bit confused why anyone would choose to live in an RV but stay stationary. The truth is, there are many great reasons why people choose to live stationary in an RV park.

Let’s take a look at why someone might choose to live this lifestyle stationary. 

A Local Job

Someone might choose to live stationary in an RV park because of a local job they just couldn’t pass up. Whether the job is temporary work or a long-term position, a great job is hard to turn down.

Many people choose to remain in their RVs when moving to a new location as they feel out a new job and area while looking for sticks and bricks housing. 

Staying in your RV at a park ensures you have a stable place to live without the added pressure of looking for housing.

This also means you won’t be tempted to move into a less than stellar place simply because it was available. 

Family in the Area

Perhaps you travel part of the year but like to stay in one location the other part of the year to be near family. It’s very common for traveling RVers to stay stationary for several months to be near family.

This is often near holidays or other significant dates for their family. 

Snowbirding for the Summer or Winter

Let’s face it, not many people intentionally take their RV north for winter or south for summer. It’s a lot more common for RVers to follow the weather because it makes enjoying their RV much easier.

The same rings true for snowbirds who own a sticks and bricks home and leave their home for several months of the year to seek better weather. It’s common for snowbirds to stay for several months in one spot, and KOAs provide a great place to do that. 

Just Because You Love It

Not everyone wants to move every week. Some enjoy spending several months or even a year at each location. Doing so allows you to get to know the location and experience it like a local.

Others enjoy the simplicity of RV life but love their hometown. When it comes down to it, some RVers choose to live stationary in their RVs at a place like a KOA because it’s what makes them happy. 

Can You Live in a KOA Cabin Long-Term? 

If you’re hoping to stay at a KOA long-term but don’t have an RV or simply don’t feel like bringing it with you, you’re in luck. Many KOAs allow you to rent their cabins for long-term stays. Their deluxe cabins even offer beds, full bathrooms, and electricity. Some have kitchenettes and TVs. 

If you want an alternative to bringing your RV but aren’t interested in a cabin, there are some KOAs that have the fun option of renting a glamping tent, teepee, or an RV such as an onsite Airstream. 

Does KOA Offer Long-Term Camping Discounts? 

Monthly stays at a KOA provide significant savings over paying a nightly rate for the same period. The monthly rate will vary at each location, and the rate may change based on the time of year.

Regardless, you can expect a long-term camping discount at most locations. Keep in mind that many RV parks, including KOAs, will require you to pay your own metered electricity for long-term stays. 

Workamping Is Another Way to Live at KOA

Want to immerse yourself in the KOA camping experience and make a bit of money while at it? Consider becoming part of the KOA Work Kampers program. Those who become KOA Work Kampers typically commit to these seasonal positions for three to six months.

Pay for these positions varies at each location as each location is independently owned.

Some of the roles commonly filled in the KOA Work Kamper program include maintenance, front desk staff, and managers.

Would You Live at a KOA? 

Generally, people either feel that living in their RV at an RV park leaves them stuck or gives them an enormous sense of freedom to explore an area long-term without the stress of moving.

Have you ever stayed long-term in a park?

How was your experience? Would you do it again?

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