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10 RV Gifts Under $20

It’s about that time of the year. You’ve hung the garland along the fireplace and put up the tree. You decorated the porch with lights and turned on the holiday music.

Now you’re ready to start Christmas shopping!

But what do you get that RVer on your list?

You know they have limited space. So what would be good gifts for that traveler? Let’s find out with our list of 10 RV gifts that cost $20 or less.

RV Gift Shopping on a Budget? We’ve Got You Covered

You know that family member or friend who RVs can’t be taking a bunch of gifts back home.

But you still want to get them something special. Let’s take a look at 10 great options for gifts on a budget.

1. I’d Rather Be RVing Socks

These socks aren’t just cute; they’re also useful. Made with quality materials, these comfortable socks may become a favorite.

They say “I’d rather be RVing” on the bottom and have RV-related designs. You’ll see a sasquatch, a travel trailer, a barbeque, and more recognizable sights from around the campsite.

They cost right around $11.

2. Travel Clothesline

This travel clothesline is a truly practical gift for only about $8. Hanging laundry is a challenge when traveling or living in an RV. There just isn’t room inside.

This travel clothesline is a great gift because it meets a need and is made from stainless steel materials to provide good durability.

It stretches up to 10 feet, so there’s plenty of room to hang those wet towels after a day of swimming.

3. Coghlan’s Multi-Spice

Some RVers love to go out to eat, try different restaurants, and dive into the local cuisine. But others love to cook. For that RVer on your list, grab one or two of these multi-spice shakers.

They’re convenient and don’t take up as much space as single spice shakers. 

And most of the spices included in this multi-spice shaker are used frequently for common dishes. It comes with paprika, curry, cayenne, garlic salt, black pepper, and salt. It’s great for outdoor grilling as well.

The whole pack costs around $11.

4. RV Logbook Camping Journal

One of the best ways for RVers to capture their memories is through a logbook. Maybe you’re a relative, and you’d love to know about their travels. Encourage them to write down their experiences so they can share them with you.

This particular logbook has prompts to help them get started if they can’t think of something to write. They can record 53 camping trips on two-page spreads in this journal. For just about $10, they can record a whole year or more of traveling.

5. Black Tank Deodorizer Packets

Like the travel clothesline, this is another practical gift that your RVer will get a lot of use out of. There’s nothing fun about tank maintenance, but for just $10, you can help keep your loved one’s RV smelling fresh.

The packets prevent odor and come pre-portioned. All they’ll have to do is drop a packet in, and it will break down waste and paper.

6. Collapsible Colander

As you’re shopping for that RVer, keep in mind the tiny space they live in. If you think a colander would be a good gift, don’t get a regular household colander. Make sure to buy a collapsible one, like this one. 

The handles on these colanders make it easy to hang them from hooks in the kitchen. Plus, they collapse down to get even smaller when not in use.

They’re BPA-free and dishwasher safe and only cost about $17.

7. Travel Packing Checklists

This packing checklist is a great gift idea for RVers who may not live in an RV but travel extensively. When they’re unpacking and repacking often, it’s easy to forget something. This list covers everything they could need for a trip. And when they’re ready for the next trip, they just peel off the top page, and they’re ready to go! 

This travel packing checklist includes 60 sheets. It includes all the basics, clothing, hygiene, and more so they won’t forget a single thing.

For about $9, they can ensure their trips go smoothly.

8. RV Kitchen Towels

Similar to the “I’d Rather Be RVing” socks, this RV kitchen towel captures the heart of RVing while also being useful. The towel says, “Life is better when you’re camping,” a sentiment most RVers would agree with.

There’s an image of a travel trailer and a starry night sky at a campsite. 

This towel is only $8, but the seller makes more RV towel sets.

There’s a three-piece set for about $17 that includes this towel, plus one that says “home is where you park it” and one that says “happy campers live here.” All of the designs are cute and cozy. 

9. Space-Saving Dish Drying Rack

This dish drying rack makes the list because it doesn’t take up much room. It comes in two different sizes to ensure it fits in any kind of sink.

The 17” x 11.8” is about $9, and the 20.5” x 16” is just over $20.

The entire rack is foldable and oil resistant, which makes it easy to clean and store. You can even throw it in the dishwasher. 

10. RV Hot Pad and Glove Set

This hot pad and oven mitt set make a great gift. They’re not only practical but adorable. The oven mitt has all kinds of RVs printed on it for a cute design.

The hot pad says, “Life is better at the campsite.” Both are fully functional and heat resistant.

For about $8, this is a simple but functional gift that the RVer in your life could really use.

What Makes a Great RV Gift? 

You’ve probably noticed a trend reading through this list. Practical, useful, and space-saving trumps everything. You may think that an RV friend will love an Instant Pot for their kitchen. But if they don’t have room for it, it’s a wasted gift.

When thinking about what to buy the RVers on your list this holiday season, keep in mind what they’ll do with these devices and where they’ll go. Roof cleaner is actually a better gift than the latest cool tool at Lowe’s. 

Buying for an RVer can be challenging if you don’t understand the lifestyle. Consider asking that person for ideas instead of guessing or thinking about what you would like.

But if you choose to go with this list, you won’t go wrong. Novelty items will bring a smile and a laugh. Practical, space-saving items will get used for years to come.

So as you look at your holiday shopping list, what will you be getting your favorite RVer?

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