1979 Airstream Argosy Renovation Reveal

After a year and a half, we completed our Airstream Argosy Renovation! We did it! We are so happy to share our 1979 Airstream Argosy Reveal! Our renovation is complete after a very long year and a half process. It was so much harder and rewarding than we could have ever even imagined. There were [...]

Building a Custom Airstream Bed

Building a customย Airstream Bed doesn't have to be hard! We have been renovating ourย 1979 Argosy Airstream so completely, that its essentially a new trailer. The only thing original is the frame and the aluminum skins. We designed our layout to have a front bed and rear bath. This meant building a bed frame around the [...]

History of the Airstream Argosy

History of the Airstream Argosy

Today we're excited to explore the history of the Airstream Argosy! We've been getting to know our Airstream Argosyย for about 7 months now. We bought it sight unseen in January, and knew it was a big project. It was completely gutted and had no floors, but we saw the potential to build our very own [...]