3 American Art Festivals for Early Summer Fun

3 American Art Festivals for Early Summer Fun

The Appeal of Summer Art Festivals

Summertime is the perfect time to visit art festivals, which date back to England in the 1700s and offer something for everyone.

#1 Tephra ICA Festival

The Tephra ICA Festival is one of the most highly-rated summer shows in the US, attracting thousands of visitors and raising money for the Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art.

#2 Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show

The Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show is the premier summer festival in Philadelphia, founded in 1928 by Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts students. Over 20,000 visitors attend to admire the work of nearly 150 artists, including oil and acrylic, watercolors, pastels, mixed media, sculpture, and printmaking. The show is unique in that it takes place twice a year, with the summer festival in early June and the fall exhibition in mid-September. There is no admission fee.

#3 Summerfair Cincinnati

Summerfair Cincinnati is a 50th anniversary art festival at Coney Island amusement park, featuring more than 300 creators from the US and Canada. It has been voted #3 in The 100 Best Classic & Contemporary Craft Shows in Sunshine Artist magazine and supports artists through exhibitions, awards, and scholarships. New this year is the "Gourmet Arts" section, featuring unique culinary creations and a beer from HighGrain Brewing Company. Tickets are cash only and purchased at the gate.

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