7 Best Free Campsites Along Interstate 10

7 Best Free Campsites Along Interstate 10

Free campsites on Interstate 10 feature everything that makes camping fun. They have mountain vistas, desert oases, hiking/biking trails, and more. Many of the best free campsites on The 10 are nearby towns with breweries, coffee shops, and excellent food.

What to Know About Free Camping

Free camping is a common practice along the western portion of Interstate 10. It’s popular because the west U.S. has many national parks, forests, and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands that many consider a shared resource. These spaces allow you to camp for free, but that does come with certain caveats and responsibilities.

These Are Important Tools When You’re Boondocking

- Generator - Solar Panels - Cell Booster - First Aid Kit

#1 Joshua Tree South Dispersed Camping #2 Dome Rock Mountain Camping Area #3 Saddle Mountain Dispersed Camping #4 Pump Station Road Dispersed Camping #5 Granite Gap Dispersed Camping #6 Fort Anahuac Park #7 Winnie Stowell Park

7 Best Free Campsites Along Interstate 10

Dashed Trail