7 Best Free Campsites With a Riverfront View

7 Best Free Campsites With a Riverfront View

With interest in RVing at an all-time high, finding a campground with any vacancies can be increasingly difficult. That’s why so many campers have discovered boondocking on public lands. In many cases, the campsites are free, and most are located in scenic and remote locations. In fact, today, we’d like to highlight some of the best free riverfront campsites to show you just how enticing boondocking can be.

How Does Free Camping Work?

Free camping is just a place to set up camp that doesn’t require payment. Many people refer to this type of camping as boondocking, dispersed camping, or dry camping. You can usually find a site and set up camp, but sometimes you might need a permit. Know the rules for the area in which you intend to camp.

There are several locations across the country that allow dispersed camping and boondocking. Most of them aren’t developed campgrounds. In fact, many of those destinations are on public lands overseen by different government entities. Many national forests allow boondocking, as do properties protected by the BLM. Some state and city parks offer free overnight camping, and land trusts and conservation areas may have some campsites available for boondocking.

Where Can You Camp for Free? 

How Do You Find Free Campsites?

Finding free campsites isn’t as difficult as it sounds, especially with the numerous resources available to us via the internet. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect riverfront campsites, use camping websites like Campendium.com and FreeCampsites.net or cell phone apps like AllstaysPro to The Dyrt and iOverlander. With these you can find places to camp or park overnight around the country.

7 Free Campsites With a Riverfront View

#1 Middle Fork Flathead River #2 Rufus Landing Recreation Area #3 Snake River – Bell Rapids #4 Upper Teton View #5 Mt. Antero Dispersed Camping #6 Coconino Rim Road #7 Cebolla Mesa Campground

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