7 Deadly Sins of Moochdocking

7 Deadly Sins of Moochdocking

Uncle Jim has invited you to come to stay for a week on his ranch in Texas. He said he has plenty of room for your RV and wants to see the kids. So you take him up on the offer since it means a free week of camping. But you’ve never done this before. Let’s take a look at the seven deadly sins of moochdocking, so you know exactly what NOT to do when you visit Uncle Jim. Let’s dive in!

How Is Moochdocking Different From Boondocking?

Although boondocking and moochdocking are usually examples of dry camping, moochdocking is a bit different. While boondocking entails pulling up to an open area on BLM land or staying overnight in a Cracker Barrel parking lot, moochdocking is staying overnight on someone else’s private property.

If you’re invited to “mooch” on someone else’s property, it’s essential to have proper etiquette. Your family and friends may not even realize the unwritten rules to moochdocking, but there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do when parked in a neighborhood or private property.

Why Is Moochdocking Etiquette Important?

7 Deadly Sins of Moochdocking

1. Staying Too Long 2. Making a Mess 3. Letting Your Pets Run Wild 4. Dumping Tanks on the Ground 5. Ignoring HOA Rules and Local Regulations 6. Not Getting the Measurements Ahead of Time 7. Not Showing Gratitude Before Leaving

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