Can You Park Overnight at a Dollar General?

Can You Park Overnight at a Dollar General?

It seems that a Dollar General is being built everywhere you look. This can come in handy for saving some cash and grabbing last-minute items you may need. But what about if you need a place to park for the night? People find some interesting places to stay while traveling, so let’s see if camping at Dollar General is one worth considering.

Is It Safe to Sleep in Your Vehicle Overnight?

Sleeping in your car overnight is relatively safe, but there are some things you can do to maximize your safety. You first want to consider the area where you park. If it has a low crime rate and consistent police presence, you likely won’t have any issues while sleeping in your vehicle.

What Is Dollar General?

Dollar General is a corporate discount retailer with more than 18,000 locations in the continental United States. They sell various products but specialize in consumable, seasonal, and home products.

Dollar General has made no corporate statement regarding overnight camping at their locations. As a result, this leaves the decision on overnight parking up to the individual stores.

Can You Park Overnight at a Dollar General?

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