Can You Still Camp at Pismo Beach for Free?

Can You Still Camp at Pismo Beach for Free?

Pismo Beach and its stunning dunes have been a popular free camping spot in California over the years. Between the gorgeous scenery, outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities, and one-of-a-kind wildlife, it’s a part of the Central Coast you shouldn’t miss. But can you still roll up in your RV and stay overnight without having to pay? Join us as we take a closer look at the rules and costs of camping at Pismo Beach. Let’s explore!

Where Can You Camp at Pismo Beach for Free?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay for all campsites within the official boundaries of Pismo State Beach. This is a change from even just a few years ago when free camping was available for RVers at the park’s North Beach campground during the offseason.

Are There Other Camping Options?

Camping is not permitted on the beach in the city of Pismo Beach, only in the designated areas at the State Beach to the south of the town itself. However, the area around the city and the state beach has several other camping options available.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and relatively affordable campground and don’t need a lot of frills, Pismo State Beach is an excellent choice for camping. It’s also a fantastic spot for wildlife lovers and home to the country’s largest over-wintering colony of Monarch butterflies from November through February. It’s the origin of the famous Pismo clam. Pismo is a popular bird-watching spot, as well.

Should You Camp at Pismo State Beach?

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