What is the Mystery of Devil's Tower in Wyoming?

What is the Mystery of Devil's Tower in Wyoming?

Devil’s Tower rises 1,267 feet above the ground and is one of the most natural wonders you’ll ever see. And for generations, Native American tribes have found the massive rock formation to be an incredibly sacred place.

Where Is Devil’s Tower?

Devil’s Tower sits in the northeastern corner of Wyoming and is only an hour and 20-minute drive from the popular Sturgis, South Dakota. The tower is a part of the Bear Lodge Mountains in the Black Hills region.

Can You Climb Devil’s Tower?

Rock climbing is a popular recreational activity at Devil’s Tower National Monument. Scaling the tower provides a hands-on, up close, and personal look at the structure. However, if you plan to make a trip to Devil’s Tower to climb, you must be mindful of closures.

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Can You Hike Devil’s Tower?

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