Do RVers Need to Wear a Seat Belt?

Do RVers Need to Wear a Seat Belt?

What Are The RV Seat Belt Laws in America?

RV seat belt laws vary from state to state, but most require all passengers to wear a safety belt when riding in the cab. Delaware has stricter rules, but sitting unbuckled while in motion is okay in some places.

The Benefits of Wearing a Seat Belt

Seat belts save thousands of lives every year by restraining the body during a collision and preventing injuries from airbags. Statistics show that 51% of people who died in auto accidents weren't wearing safety straps in 2020.

Can You Walk Around an RV While Driving?

Walking around an RV while it's in motion is illegal everywhere in the U.S. Pull-behind campers are unsafe and dangerous, while Class A, B, or C motorhomes have seat belts and safety features. Stay buckled in until ready to pull over.

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