Do Truck Stops Have RV Dump Stations?

Do Truck Stops Have RV Dump Stations?

Many truck stops offer amenities to attract RVers, but do they have RV dump stations? Truck stops are great for filling up on fuel, grabbing some snacks and resting at the end of a long day. But do they also have an RV dump station?  Let's find out!

What Is a Dump Station?

A dump station is a designated station for RVers to dump wastewater. Dump stations typically can handle various-sized rigs. Always make sure the water is marked as potable. If there is no sign, it's non-potable water. The freshwater connection must be far from the dump station to avoid contamination.

Do Truck Stops Have Dump Stations?

Many truck stops have RV dump stations, but not all do. Some locations will discontinue offering the service once a significant repair is needed. It's typically not a cost-effective amenity for them to offer. However, maintaining dump stations and operating them is not cheap.

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