Does Costco Limit the Number of Club Members?

Does Costco Limit the Number of Club Members?

Costco offers the convenience of having everything under one roof and in large quantities at discounted rates, but it requires a membership. Learn more about Costco, how to become a member, and the membership limitations.

What Is Costco?

Costco is a warehouse club with no-frills, low-cost, high-quantity merchandise available at discounted prices. It originated under the Price Club name in 1976 and opened membership to non-business owners in 1983. Ten years later, the two companies merged and today, Costco Warehouse generates billions of dollars across 14 countries with more than 800 locations.

What Is a Costco Club Member?

Costco Club Members have access to warehouses worldwide full of grocery items, home decor, sporting goods, and more. They also have access to auto services and goods, travel services, insurance services, and discounted gas. To take advantage of all this, you must be a member.

How Many Costco Cards Can a Family Have?

Membership includes two cards, one for the primary member and one for another person in the same household. Business Members can purchase additional cards.

Does Costco Limit the Number of Club Members?

Costco has no limits to the number of members it has across the globe, meaning you don't have to worry about running out of membership spots or waiting on a waiting list to get a membership card. Costco is ready for you whenever you're ready to become an official Costco Member Cardholder.

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