The 2023 Guide to LEAF Festival in Central Texas

The 2023 Guide to LEAF Festival in Central Texas

What is the LEAF Festival?

LEAF is an annual festival in Central Texas that features the World Rock Stacking World Championship and the Leafling Festie Fashion Circus Parade. Attendance has increased year over year, with some attendees coming from as far as the UK, Australia, Scotland, and Spain.

Where is the LEAF Festival?

LEAF takes place in Llano, a small Central Texas town with a population of 3200. It is known for its rolling hills and natural beauty, as well as its historic downtown and shops and restaurants. Be aware of the weather conditions and potentially dangerous wildlife.

World Rock Stacking Championship at the LEAF Festival

The World Rock Stacking Championship is held during the Llano Earth Art Festival and involves a variety of competitions, including height, balancing, artistic, quantity, and rock skipping. Competitors come from all over the world and have little or no experience.

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