How to Clean Wood Floors Without Damaging Them

How to Clean Wood Floors Without Damaging Them

Have your beautiful wood floors lost their luster? There’s no shortage of products that promise to bring back and keep your wood floors shining. However, using the wrong products or methods could cause severe and irreversible damage to your beloved flooring. Luckily, we’ve found several ways for you to clean your floors and keep them safe. So if you want to know how to clean wood floors, keep reading! Let’s get started!

What Is the Best Thing to Use to Clean Wood Floors?

One of the best cleaners for wood floors is good old soapy water.

What Should You Not Clean Hardwood Floors With?

Chemicals like ammonia and vinegar are great for eating at and removing stubborn dirt and gunk stuck to them. However, they can also eat at and remove the protective finish.

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