How To Easily Clean Cloudy Headlights

How To Easily Clean Cloudy Headlights

Headlight lenses obviously get dirty just from driving. Dust, dirt, grime, rain, sleet, snow, even sunshine can damage your headlight lenses. There are numerous options for how to clean cloudy headlights - here are some tips and tricks from experts in the industry.

Cloudy Headlights Can Be Fixed

Frequently, headlights can be restored via different cleaning measures, some more aggressive or costly than others.

What Causes Headlight Cloudiness?

Headlights have a protective outer coating, but it takes a beating from gravel, rock salt, chemicals, and other debris on the road. Over time, that topcoat becomes less effective, allowing the sun's UV rays to oxidize and cloud the lens. If that coating is worn, scratched, or pitted it also allows more of the road grime to stick to the lens, further exacerbating the problem.

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