Revisiting: The RV Industry Death Spiral

Revisiting: The RV Industry Death Spiral

In 2016, journalist Greg Gerber wrote a series of articles called RV Industry Death Spiral. He outlined several serious issues with the RV industry, as Gerber saw it. His work received massive backlash from all sectors of the industry. Let's revisit and find out what he actually said.

The News Story

After living in an RV full time for a couple of years, he decided to share the reality of what he had unearthed. He was more than disheartened to learn firsthand about RV life through the eyes of the consumer.

Spiral into Possibilities

The RV industry is experiencing growing pains, the kind that hurts your bones and causes you to lash out and act a little wacko. Gerber's 2016 article, The RV Industry Death Spiral, is a lesson in tough love. Change is a beautiful thing, if we can stay the course and work together.

Dashed Trail