What Does 10-4 Mean (and 10 Other Trucker Codes)?

What Does 10-4 Mean (and 10 Other Trucker Codes)?

If you dive into just about any hobby or profession, you’re likely to discover that there is some sort of code used for communicating. Talking in code can be more efficient and helps avoid miscommunication. While pilots and police officers often communicate in code, truck drivers are another profession that often communicates in code. You’ve likely heard or said the phrase “10-4” used in conversations. So what does “10-4” mean?

What Is Trucker Code?

Truckers often use CB (Citizens Band) radios to communicate with each other while on the road. However, because they have very important jobs, they need to be precise and effective when communicating. As a result, they’ll use a combination of numbers to communicate important information quickly.

What Does 10-4 Mean?

One of the most popular 10 codes used by truckers is the term “10-4.” This is a term that means “affirmative” or “I agree.”

CB radios were very popular methods of communicating with previous generations of truckers. However, the new generation of truckers relies more on technology and smartphones to help transmit important information. There are trucking apps that can help send alerts and access information without having to use a CB radio.

Do Trucks Still Use Trucker Code?

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