The RV is Made for the End of the World

The RV is Made for the End of the World

A recent YouTube video is taking the online RV community by storm. This video portrays an “End of the World RV” suited for all kinds of weather, off-grid conditions, and both recreational and practical use. The vehicle is a self-contained workshop and living space. It even has its own crane! The RV’s owner, Gordo Clement, is a jack of all trades who redesigned this former school bus to suit his every whim. But is Gordo’s RV truly capable of weathering the end of the world? Let’s find out!

From School Bus to End of the World RV

Gordon “Gordo” Clement purchased his 2003 International Blue Bird school bus in 2019. The bus came from a local school district that had over-maintained its fleet and had too many vehicles.

What Makes This End of the World RV Unique?

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Does This End of the World RV Include a Portable Workshop?

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