The Seven Deadly Sins of Visiting Quartzsite

The Seven Deadly Sins of Visiting Quartzsite

Quartzsite, Ariz., is a desert town that most RVers are at least familiar with and more than likely have spent time there. However, you may never have heard of this place if you’re not an RVer or from Arizona. Regardless, if you find yourself in Quartzite, you’ll learn certain rules you must follow. Or maybe it’s better to call them the seven deadly sins of visiting Quartzsite. With the deadliest sin being not visiting at all.

Where Is Quartzsite?

First things first, where is this tiny town every RVer should know? Quartzsite lies about 20 miles from the California/Arizona border in southern Arizona. Interstate 10 runs directly through this desert village of just over 3,600 people, making it a convenient stopover to just about anywhere in the southwest.

Why Do People Visit Quartzsite?

However, Quartzsite does not have the small-town vibe you might expect of a town with just 3,600 residents. In the fall and winter, the population hits closer to a million, with most of that coming from RVers.

Speaking of parking and fees, how much does it cost to camp in Quartzsite? Let’s just say this could be the least amount of money ever spent on camping. Most people camp on BLM land in the desert. You won’t have any shade unless you provide it. But what you will find, instead, is a lot of like-minded people out enjoying the warm Arizona winter weather. And that means wide-open spaces, star-lit nights, and conversational campfires, all with your new friends — which could be a lot.

How Much Does It Cost to Camp in Quartzsite?

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