What Does Bad Gas Do to Your Vehicle?

What Does Bad Gas Do to Your Vehicle?

Vehicles Damaged by Bad Gas at Travel Stop

In November 2022, several people experienced car troubles after filling their gas tanks with unleaded gas at a truck stop. Initial reports suggest that a fuel delivery driver mistakenly dumped diesel into the tanks used to store the gasoline for the pumps. After leaving the gas station, many drivers learned the painful lesson that gasoline engines and diesel fuel don't get along. Love's has promised to assist with expenses for draining the fuel tanks, but repair shops informed drivers that these repairs are much more extensive than draining the tank.

What Is Bad Gas?

Bad gas is not the only type of bad gas, and it is important to know what to look for when it comes to the quality of your gas. Like milk, gasoline has a longer shelf life, but it can collect excessive moisture and become bad for your vehicle.

Why Is it Bad to Use the Wrong Type of Fuel?

Using the wrong type of fuel can cause a lot of damage to a vehicle. For example, gasoline and diesel fuel may run motors, but they accomplish the task differently. Putting diesel into a gasoline engine can clog sensitive components, while putting gasoline into a diesel truck could cause severe issues.

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