What Is a Fully Automated RV Park?

What Is a Fully Automated RV Park?

What Is a Fully Automated RV Park?

Fully automated RV parks use technology such as self-check-in kiosks, payment systems, and remote monitoring and management systems to provide convenience and cost savings, but may require customer service if issues arise.

The Benefits of Fully Automated RV Parks

The most important details are that these spots are more convenient for the owners and guests, save on overhead by minimizing workers, provide increased safety features, and offer everything RVers need to enjoy their rigs. Additionally, they typically have 30/50-amp power, water, sewer connections, cable TV, and WiFi connectivity.

What Are the Alternatives to Fully Automated RV Parks?

There are thousands of spots to stay across the country, including traditional campgrounds, lot docking, boondocking sites, and public lands. Traditional campgrounds are the most expensive, while state or county sites are more budget-friendly. Boondocking sites on public lands allow guests to stay free for up to 14 days.

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