What Is a Hatch Chile (and Where Can You Find Them?)

What Is a Hatch Chile (and Where Can You Find Them?)

These peppers are so beloved there’s an entire festival dedicated to them. Interestingly, however, there’s not just one type of Hatch chile. In fact, there are several. Follow along as we discover everything there is to know about this addictive hot pepper. Let’s hit it!

What Are Hatch Chiles?

Hatch chiles are delicious, spicy peppers that grow in southwestern New Mexico. But unlike other peppers native to the American southwest, Hatch chiles aren’t one species of pepper. Instead, the term “Hatch chile” refers to numerous pepper varieties that grow in and near Hatch, New Mexico.

Where Can You Find Hatch Chiles?

The little village is situated in the Hatch Valley, which stretches along the Rio Grande. This part of the state is sometimes called the Napa Valley of green chile. In addition, the region exports other crops like greens, nuts, potatoes, and wheat.

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