What is The Penny Test for Your Vehicle?

What is The Penny Test for Your Vehicle?

Your tires are pivotal in keeping you and your vehicle on the road, and checking your tread only takes a few minutes. But doing so can help you avoid a major disaster down the road. However, too many drivers hit the road without thinking twice about checking their tires. Today, we’re sharing how you can easily check your tire tread for problems and evade a disastrous situation. Let’s jump in!

What Is Tire Tread?

Tire tread is the rubber structure of a tire that makes contact with the road. It’s the deepest part of a groove in a tire to the top of a tread block. A tire’s tread helps the tire grip, brake, and control the vehicle while it travels down the road. A typical tire will have a tread depth of eight to nine millimeters, 10/32 to 11/32 of an inch.

What Is an Easy Way to Check Tread on a Tire?

Tires often have wear indicator bars built into the tread grooves. These bars measure 2/32”, and you need to replace your tires once the tread reaches these bars. You can also purchase a tread depth gauge, which is the most accurate way to measure your tread depth.

The penny test is relatively accurate and a great way to check a tire’s tread. However, a tire can pass the penny test and still be below 4/32 of an inch. This is typically the point where drivers begin to experience safety and performance issues with their tires.

Is the Penny Test for Tires Accurate?

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