Where Can You Eat Conch in the USA?

Where Can You Eat Conch in the USA?

Conch shells capture the sound of the ocean, making them popular for eating. We’ll dig deep to find out where you can enjoy a taste of this sea snail.

Where Can You Taste Conch?

Like most seafood, the best place to try it is close to its habitat. And for conch, that means the Florida Keys. If you’ve never been to the Keys, they’re a sight to behold.

Is It Legal to Eat Conch?

Florida banned conch fishing, but that will change in 2024 due to overfishing. Guidelines specifically ban the harvest of juveniles, but that doesn't stop unethical fishermen. Local laws don't always keep up with new discoveries, so it's legal to harvest juveniles. The best advice is to hold yourself to one serving to ensure future generations can sample conch.

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